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J'ai adorée faire mon COOP à l'Hôpital Montfort. Cela fut une de mes meilleur expérience et j'ai appris de tonne de chose. J'ai pu prendre avantages de l'environnement d'apprentissage et d'y apprendre plusieurs techniques médicales et de compétences transférables que je n'aurais pas acquis nul par d'autres.
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stressful, unfair working experience

If you aren't willing to give it your all, working in this stressful environment as a RPN and have a horrible pay that doesnt even compare the RN'S and feel underappreciated We do ALL the same work and then some. Unfair working environment and RPN's are nothing here.
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Good team work. Demanding and quick pace environment. Warm and friendly staff.

Professional environment with demanding work, but with great teams to accomplish the job. Work days, Monday to Friday only.8 hour shifts.Fast passed environnement. Act as the liaison between the care team and the family. Help the care team evaluate the patients' needs and requests to improve the treatment plan. Also facilitate the continuity of the patients' are in the community.

Points positifs

Good pay. Excellent learning environment. Great team work.

Points négatifs

Demanding and stressful job
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Great overall experience

Fast paced work environment. Always busy- never a dull moment. Great co-workers. Great people and experience working and being a patient myself at the Montfort Hospital.
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Essentially it’s all about who you know and how much you can lick boots. Everyone talks a big game but rarely has any actual direction. Upper management think they know what they want but rarely understand the big picture.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Teamwork, collaboration and two faced
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Learning Hospital with a lot of advancement

Working at Montfort crafted me to be a better person overall, acquired much more patience, and it allowed me to go back to school in the medical field

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Very good teamwork!

The physical demand of scanning patients in the intensive care unit who are ventilated is extremely difficult. Very poor ergonomics and it took 4 months to finally get a chair that fits me. I replaced a very short sonographer and I am very tall and the chair did not fit!
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It is nice work environment

It is nice work environment People are amazing and the staff are sweet toward all the patients. It is a hospital that people love to work. Great values and very caring for the patient .
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Environnement de travail super

L'envergure de l'organisation permet de connaitre tout le monde, bonne collaboration entre les équipes.

Points positifs

Flexibilité dans l'horaire de travail
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Environnement toxique et non respect des individus

Malheureusement la direction du département était toxique avec abus de pouvoir. Manque de respect et gros manque de compassion pour un monde hospitalier ?? Certaines personnes ont des postes de cadres et n'ont aucune des 5 valeurs Montfort.
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management very difficult to resolve issues

Too many managing the registering team. Definitely not enough clerks to take care of patients. ( booking, emergency, clinics) The are almost as many chiefs as clerks. The management do not resolve problems or help their employees to strive but only to create more turmoil for them. The clerks are the front line when the patients arrive. If the employers would realize how important it is for their clerks to be happy that it reflects on the image of the hospitaland what effect it brings on to have abut unfortunately the employers do not see this should make it a priority that the clerks are
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What I've learned

To always double check the information. Maintained a good data entry. Provide excellent customer service. Respond in a professional manner. Confirm clients information.
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great listener and good team builder.

I’m a people person and I have the passion to help and assist people in need no matter how difficult their are alsoI’m a great listener and good team builder. I plan well and am flexible and tolerant.
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Administrative Clerk in Cardiovascular

Main liaison between patients and cardiologists. In charge of the training of new employees, students and volunteers. Assemble and prepare all patient files for referrals to the Heart Institute.

Points positifs

flexible schedule

Points négatifs

not enough staff
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meeting clients in distress

My main job was meeting clients with emotionnal and spiritual distress. A typical day start with the review of the client's chart and planing the visits. Then most of the vissits occur according to the clients availabilty. one day per week I had an individual supervision and another day was reserved for group supervision.
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productive work place

French population well served by bilingual staff. Ressources and services have growned over the years. Minimal employment opportunities, minimal chances for growth within the institution.
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very high pace environment, you will learn a lot.

the experience and knowledge that i was lucky to gain from my time at the Montfort Hospital as made me a better person today. it is a fast learning workplace and every day there's a different task presented to you.

Points positifs

free parking

Points négatifs

long hours
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Compassionate and very productive workplace

One department for medical imaging where all types of diagnostic imaging and procedures are done (except echocardiography). Valuable learning and teaching experiences for students and advancement for sonographers.
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Accounts Receivable Clerk

Enjoyed every moment working at the Monfort Hospital. A great family feel between all the employees. Incredible management with work life balance. Always had support from peers and management.
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great french hospital

-nice to work in french - friendly environment -great benefits - physician are friendly and appreciate the staff - management is unappreciative - cafetaria is not open on the weekends - strict with the sick days policy
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My co-workers make it fun to work here

Here at the Montfort Hospital I do believe that we are one big happy family we're all departments work with each other hand in hand to bring a better service to our patients

Points positifs

We get benefits and statutory holidays

Points négatifs

I work evenings that would be the con for me
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