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Comment les retours sur la performance sont-ils communiqués aux employés de Moncrief Construction Limited?

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There is no direct communication from management - but you will find out far too late that there was something ‘dramatically’ wrong.
Be worried if there is no direct feedback - and certainly don’t expect to get any feedback at all.

They will replace a lineman with apprentice labourers with nominal experience for ‘half the price’ - and will expect them to do the same skilled - and high risk work as an experienced lineman.

Not only do they seem to think that they’ll save money in doing this, they also will not give any feedback to the company about how poorly equipped they are to do powerline work as they are apprentice labourers & groundmen who have no experience with any actual powerline company - having nothing to compare their experience to - as well as little to no knowledge of powerline hazards or safe-work practices. Electrical tape and zip-ties are holding that operation together. If Moncrief goes any farther into actual powerline work, it wont be long until much more serious injuries occur - and I’m surprised that there haven’t been a lot more so far.

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