Molly Maid
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Quels sont les horaires de travail chez Molly Maid?

6 réponses

  • You start your first clean @ 8:30 and are done by 5. I love the regular hours! no nights or weekends!

  • 830-5pm. If you have to work passed it and have to get your kids from daycare....dont work for them because they dont care at all. Victoria bc

  • You start around 8 AM or maybe 9 AM depending and you do not get paid until you get into your first house nor do you get paid for driving time going house to house. One day you could be finished at 12 one day 4. you never know

  • 8am until whenever you finish the average day is until 2pm once in awhile 4pm excellent if you have small children I'm always done in time to pickup my kids or go to appointments

  • Terrible you never know when you’ll be home so if you have kids don’t bother applying here because management doesn’t care about you

  • 8 am till u finish and if you are in the South Not getting home till late 7 pm

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