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How much does a new employee make per hour?

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Once training is completed, you have the ability to make more than minimum wage. The rate varies depending on your position and length of employment.

26 octobre 2017

The more hours you work, the more money you make. I'm making almost $600 each week after taxes! When some of my co-workers call in "sick", I think Great! More money for me!

They tell you a percentage of the cleans and that you could make up to 21 an hour but really ur making like $500 a week. In victoria.

Some days are ridiculous and not worth the money you’re working 6 to 7 hours and making maybe $10.50 an hour a lot of the houses are under charged which means less money for you and more for the company so in those cases it’s not worth it but other times you can make $20 or more per hour depending on your speed so basically the faster you are the more you can make so if you’re paired with the wrong partner you make a lot of money and the job won’t even be worth it!

It doesn't pay by the hour, you get paid by percentage. If a clean is worth $115 you get a percentage of that. Once you add it all up, you're getting paid a part time salary for doing a full time job. It's not worth it.

You can make up to $20 per hour depending how long you take to clean the house. You get a percentage from your weekly total

Why is it only $11.00 an HR when it should be $14.00 at least

Minimum wage

11$ per hour

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