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    Kevin Hipkins
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    501 à 1000
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    5 $ à 25 $ millions (CAD)
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    Services de consommation personnels
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Cleaning & Sanitation

16,57 $ par heure


Home Service Professional (Amherst, NY)
le 31 juillet 2021
Simple yet laborious work
Management at times did not seem to care about putting us into potentially hazardous situations— we were often sent to locations that clearly had not been pre-screened and were infested with pests and even bed bugs. The work was simple and straightforward which is a wonderful thing, knowing what you’ll be doing on a daily basis. Colleagues of mine, however, were very intense and would often flaunt all rules and guidelines and go unpunished.
House Cleaner (Richmond Hill, ON)
le 24 novembre 2021
Horrific place to work
This job was an absolute nightmare to work at. If you're going to look for either a job or a service to clean your home, DO NOT look at Molly Maid for an opportunity. The rush to get in and out of the home in order to get the percentage rather than the hourly pay was just horrible and threw the quality of work right out the window. Just goes to show these people don't care about the cleanliness of the home so much as they do about just getting the job done to get a better rate of pay, which is a horrible way to treat the customer. No wonder why they got so many complaints. The coworkers were just awful too - I got yelled at by a coworker while servicing a client's home (horrible reflection of professionalism), and when I took it to management with my concerns, I was essentially told that I was in the wrong. The entire work culture was passive aggressive - as an example, they wouldn't tell you to your face how to improve and basically would wait till things escalated in order to tell you where and how you were doing things poorly, assuming you were lucky enough to hear about how to improve at all. The communication is gossip-based and indirect, so you won't know how to improve unless it's in the form of passive-aggressive jokes that even (and especially) the MANAGEMENT makes.I'm at least glad to say that while I did work there, I did improve the cleanliness of some people's homes and they are now maintaining it well. (You're welcome, Molly Maid.)Save yourself the time and energy, and especially save yourself the cost of commuting, to get to and from the job. Short hours, no benefits, bad coworkers and management, and it feels like you're just getting a weekly allowance from your parents as a ten-year-old rather than a proper paycheque at a professional job. Not at all worth even blinking at the job posting.
Cleaner (Thunder Bay, ON)
le 6 avril 2021
I worked here for only a few months and you couldn’t pay me enough to go back. Manager is awful and you’re lied to about your pay. Don’t try to quit either because you will be returning your uniforms you paid for and she will withhold your cheque until you do so. Also you make minimum wage until it’s decided you get a “raise” even then you’re paid unfairly! Not worth it!
Route Manager (Molly maid airdrie/cochrane)
le 17 mars 2021
Made friends with partners
You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to work for this company, junk cars and junk equipment. Management just lies to you and you make no money to live on. My pay cheques bounced all the time, this company is a joke.with COVID no one wants you in there house so don’t believe your going to have a decent pay cheque, not ever!!! Head office is useless as well they never deal with any bad situation, your better off on welfare then this company
Route Manager (Ottawa, ON)
le 3 février 2021
If you enjoy cleaning/organizing, this job is great.
I’m a type of person that thrives on order, cleanliness and helping others. Therefor this job was extremely rewarding for me. Made lots of friends and met some awesome clients.

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