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3,1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Was ok

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Was an okay job the salary wasn't good tho. Management definitely needed to be changed along with some of the supervisors. Was okay for a beginner machinist .
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Precision machining,

What is the best part of working at the company?Precision machining, high tolerances requirment (within .005mm). What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Same. Precision machining, high tolerances requirment.
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Not a bad place to work

The company is a good place to work, very clean, safe and professional. The pace is fast and can be stressful, co-worker are great and friendly to work with. Overall its not a bad place to work.
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Good place to work

Worked as a Deburr operator. Awesome people to work with. Management will be behind you if you don't hit your daily target. Great company to work for.
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If you are lazy and a puppet, you will thrive.

The company started as a great company with a good atmosphere and morale. This changed dramatically after multiple acquisitions but without an overhaul in upper management.If competence, motivation, integrity and self-respect are low on your list of attributes, this is the place for you.Upper management will fire you if you speak up and make statements of fact, in the best interest of the company.Multiple great and competent people have been fired or have moved on by their own choice.The potential at Mold Masters is significant but with operations remaining as it is today, the company will continue to crush the morale of the staff and product quality and company reputation will be strongly affected.

Points positifs

It's a job..., with the pay and benefits being pretty good.

Points négatifs

Incompetent and remarkably unqualified staff, management have personal gains as motivation, you will be thrown under the bus if you do not comply
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Fun place

Good environment. Nice cafeteria but a little pricey. The best place to start your apprenticeship as they have a well structured program. Good work culture and management. Lots of room for growth. Salary could be better.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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apprentice level 2 general machinist

great place to start an apprenticeship, lots if hours of work and lots to learn. different machines to stay up to date with current trends and technologies used in molding.
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Best place for Clean air and good employees

Good place not Great pay or job security good bosses air is real good location good good equipment .. dental is 5 day sick 2 shifts Day and afternoon. 1 good boss one not as good . no free meals at any time . mold work with tight tolerances. wow fun time .
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Very stressful

Not a good place to work. Very low pay. To get cnc experience and leave. Supervisor are only for the company. And is a very fast environment no time for family.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours
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Co-workers are great but pay suck and production managers are always pushing to get their bonus.

Pay is low always rushing. Good coworkers. Production manager always pushing to get thier bonus. Well equipped facility. Clean facility. Great place to learn different equipment.

Points positifs

Great coworkers and good place to learn different Machine.

Points négatifs

Low pay, bad managers, always rushing.
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Good work environment with supportive and kind co-workers. Proper training and procedures. Understanding management. Overall a very good work environment.
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Good Company before it became public

Good company before it became public. a lot of changes, laid offs and moving work to overseas. Lack of respect for older employees . Good company culture. Plant people are very skilled and good at their work.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Break away Technology, great experience

I learned an incredible amount about technology and organization in this company. There were apprximately 90 engineers turning out work for the Fabrication shop which was full of cutting edge technology for that time period.
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Customer Service Representative

Working at Mold Masters in a fast paced customer service department. I had previous SAP experience, allowing me to learn the system quickly. Customer service was enjoyable, but being a "call center" environment was a little cut and dry.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Management changes
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fun work place

all around good place to work at...Management is fare hardest part is dirty oil on shirt can't get it cleaned again lol.. Co-worker are good easy to work with.
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Best place I ever worked at. Excellent work culture, team environment, self directed and accomplished goals.
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work place very clean

good with co-workers. work place is clean. ..................
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Working environment was much better when it was owned by founder of the company

Working environment was much better when it was owned by founder of the company. Now its owned by financial company who cares less about product quality and employees!

Points positifs

Stable company - survived recession

Points négatifs

no chance to advance your career
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An interesting & fun place to work

My role was interesting & challenging. Management was focused & fair. My co-workers were fun, interesting, and cared about each other. All in all, i'ts a great place to work.

Points positifs

challenging & interesting work, great co-workers

Points négatifs

my assignment there was too short!!!
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Factory work with metal

Company was full of good friendly people. They hired staff from all different groups of people, were multicultural and diverse. They included a flag of all countries on the factory floor ceiling. Management was friendly and job security was trusted

Points positifs

friendly atmosphere, decent wage

Points négatifs

loud equipment
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