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Attentes très hautes des gestionnaires de leurs employés offrant un minimum de ressources

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Les attentes des gestionnaires sur les buts financiers annuels des employés ne sont pas réalistes et ne sont pas en ligne avec l'environnement et les outils disponibles pour accomplir les demandes.
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Productive company

MNP has been an okay company. MNP does fun and interesting things such as having a large celebration after tax season. The hiring process was wonderful and easily streamlined. All expectations were made clear throughout the entire process.
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Was okay at first

Cons- No growth- management / partners aren’t supportive and poor at giving feedback - they expect you to know everything, and if you don’t or asks them questions, they’ll make you feel unqualified for the job- felt discriminated- not enough job to keep you busyPros- great benefits - some office activities are fun - can bank hrs during busy season
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Good job

Lots of room for advancement if you want to work hard for itThey give you if you ask so make sure to do so. Work hard and you will get fair comp for your work.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hrs
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Large company with good benefits but too much work

This job is designed to get young inexperienced workers to work more hours than should be expected of them.The pay is very low compared to industry competition and there is no training or time allowed for improvement.

Points positifs

good benefits, friendly staff

Points négatifs

long hours, horrible training, no time or room for improvement
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Awesome company to work for

Generous with paid time off, ability to bank OT, great work life balance, ability to work from home part time, management provides supportive environment.
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Great work culture and supportive work environment

Everyone is supportive of one another. Workplace encourages work-life balance. Positive environment. Very friendly colleagues. Lots of work socials and events.
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Overall, great company

Overall, great company culture. Lots of support for anyone looking to become an accountant. Other departments aren’t provided with the same career progression, salary and overall support though.
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Not the greatest place to work

Politics, management does not listen to the concerns of employees. lot of backstabbing. need to change management, they are not inclusive despite what they try to portray. inclusivity depends on who you are and if you are friends with management
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Good place to learn and grow

Good place to learn and grow, The team members are good and willing to provide help, Opportunity for promotionIt's difficult to get the work life balance here.
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Fun work environment with great coworkers

Loved working here, the team was so great and nice. As a student interested in working in accounting it was a great opportunity to learn more about the craft and culture. The management and co-workers were very accommodating and helpful.

Points positifs

Free Lunches, fun and nice team

Points négatifs

Long hours, Quick deadlines, and
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Good start to career

Learn a lot but lots of OT. Can be stressful and time tracking is THE WORST. Good learning experience, lots of great partners, some terrible partners (chrag).
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Not competitive with other similar positions.

Working in IT for MNP will amount to providing support for over a hundred offices with no consistency between them. You will be expected to work beyond the standard 40 hours consistently, especially during busy season and the pay is not comparable with other IT positions. Avenues of advancement are cloudy, and the company will do as much as it can to increase responsibilities without increasing compensation.Having been with the company some time, I've seen policy, procedures and implementation essentially go in circles. Turnaround has markedly increased over the last few years while company culture has become increasingly less about the person and more about what they can do to increase value. The IT department is consistently run understaffed.With all of that, I will say that the people I've worked with on the management level have been excellent. I've never gotten a peak behind the veil, but it feels like there are people here who do genuinely care about the employees, but are in a tough position of being squeezed from the bottom and the top. As well, there are people on the ground who are truly excellent to work with and are very good at what they do.
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Amazing culture and people!

Such an amazing and inclusive culture here at MNP. I work for the Montreal, Quebec office and have had only amazing experiences working here. I also work with team members across Canada and they are always a pleasure to work with. Love the work-life balance that's offered and that amazing opportunities for growth and development! 100% recommend to join MNP!

Points positifs

work-life balance, competitive compensation package, great culture
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Terrible Environment In Grande Prairie

Run! Do not waste your time working for MNP, They do not practise what they preach.If you think you have job security with MNP you are very wrong. They fire people without cause on a regular basis.They have zero respect for admin, treat them like terrible and force them to work ridiculous hours. There is absolutely no advancement for an admin at MNP, the lead admin is full of drama and very imature. The partner that over sees the admins has no idea what admins do or how to manage them and the RMP is rude and very unapproachable.The pay is decent though.
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Great Team to be a Part Of

Great team to be a part of, from day 1 everyone was welcoming and kind and very professional. Have some fun events during tax season to keep people happy

Points positifs

Fun activities during tax season, social events
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Coworkers fun to work with. Wont move up without a god father.

Good place to get into public accounting. The partners have favorites which makes it suck. Have to struggle to get good audit experience. Great Christmas and tax parties.

Points positifs

fun place, flexibility

Points négatifs

long hours
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good not great

I worked in the consulting arm. Was good but the way they are so too heavy on their projects is exhausting once you get to senior consultant or manager.
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Great Work Culture

MNP values its people, fun events are organized to keep team members engaged and build a sense of community and collaboration. During busy season kick off boxes were sent to team members home. We also have had appreciation boxes sent to us at various points.
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Fun place to work

fun place to work, they really push for a work/life balance. i got lots of little perks like going to MNPede, going to golf tournaments, getting Friday's off in the summer time. tax season isn’t the best but once you get through it, the rest of the year is pretty relaxed.
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Great place to learn and grow

Very supportive team.Supports work life balance.Great perks and benefits for employees.Promotes diversity and inclusionAbility to grow within the organisation.
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