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La culture, les budgets, les activités sont tous fait pour les associés. Pas beaucoup de possibilités pour une simple adjointe. Toutes les formations se font en anglais. Très en retard sur la francisation

Points positifs

Beaucoup de 5@7 baropen

Points négatifs

Tout est en anglais
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Worst job I ever had

My "performance coach" was a nightmare and constantly talked down people. Reported them to HR several time and nothing came of it. I would get talked down to personally in team meetings, yelled at for minor mistakes in my "performance coach" in their office. My "performance coach" would always redirect any questions I had to other people and never had any interest at all in helping me learn and grow my career. When you report something to HR, they don't keep it to themselves. They tell the partners and word gets around that you talked to HR.

Points positifs

Mediocre pay

Points négatifs

Long hours, abusive managers, inconsistent directions, told off personally in team meetings.
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  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
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Fast progression, bad pay

Seems like a faster path for progression and exposure to more complex work if you take initiative. If you’re motivated and take initiative, you’ll appreciate the fast progression. Salaries are lower at MNP. Some people are taken advantage of more than others. Myself and another peer were underpaid in relation to our peers at the same level despite strong performer ratings. I caution you to ensure you advocate for yourself to avoid ending up in that same position. Do you market research and talk amongst peers to determine whether you’re being equitably compensated.
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Fast paced and supportive

MNP has been the highlight in my administrative career. I’ve felt appreciated and supported the majority of my time here. Admin positions where you feel like a valued part of the team and not “just admin” is hard to come by. Between fun team events and room for growth I recommend MNP to anyone who’s willing to learn and adapt. The work isn’t for those who are looking for something laid back. There are many deadlines to meet and various custom programs to learn. It’s best suited for quick learners and those willing to put in the extra work.
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Good environment, hard to get work life balance

The first two weeks are the whole company's new staff training, and we start to work on files in the third week. Friendly coworkers and the office has snacks during the busy season. Minimum 50 working hours per week during the busy season. Only co-op students will get overtime pay. It depends on the group you are working with. Not easy for a coop student in my group. The tolerance for coop students to make mistakes is a little. The manager expects you to learn fast and wants you to ask only a few questions and not interrupt your buddy, who the company assigns to teach you.
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Good place to work

Good place to work, room to grow. You can learn as you go, good managers, there are good benefits, very work environment, I will recommend for anyone .
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Poor management

Some great perks but those are very much overshadowed by the poor management. They lure you in with promises of work/life balance and flexibility but there is very little of that.
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Get in, get out

The people at this location have a very “get in, get out” attitude about their jobs. The higher ups tend to be completely disconnected from the rest of the staff. Having a strong sense of community in an office makes work life easier but that doesn’t seem to be important here.
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Average Workplace

MNP is like other mid-tier firms. Overall, it’s been an average experience but they have a long way to go before they live up to their values.My co-workers are amazing. They are supportive, responsive, and make the job bearable. MNP supports some great community initiatives that you can get involved in. The workload is often overwhelming, and it negatively affects client service quality. The behaviour of some managers is questionable and does not exemplify integrity. They say they promote a balanced lifestyle, but a truly balanced lifestyle doesn’t exist in this industry, so you better enjoy what you do. Benefits are average and salary is below average. It’s a decent place to start your career but there are better opportunities out there.

Points positifs

Knowledgeable co-workers

Points négatifs

Workload and salary
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Best PA in Canada

Pros- Overtime is paid as vacation time- Paid CPA schooling- Great Benefits Package- 50 Hour Busy Season Work Weeks Cons- Tough deadline requirements depending on department
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Good workload, friendly people

I am in a co-op position and I have found my co-workers to be very supportive and are always helpful when I have questions. I have enjoyed my experience so far.
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Great culture & flexibility

The company has great values, including integrity, fun & flexibility. They actually have these, not just advertise them! The on-boarding is great and they provide you with all you need, and more to succeed with your position. They have a great social committee, and management that cares about their employees

Points positifs

Good onboarding
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Good but management needs to appreciate it's employees

Overall okay work experience. Came in and did a lot of training sessions. Then got put on difficult client files and was expected to know everything and if any question was asked to the manager, she made me feel useless and stupid when I'm not. All upper management cares about is recovery on the file.
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Do not work there. Faulse promises

Misleading with no training mentioned plenty of great things but let you go before 3 months do they don’t pay out DO NOT WORK THERE WHATEVER THEY PROMISE YOU. Unless your a clicks type of person
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From the beginning of my work with MNP was pleasant a friendly work environment, good colleagues, but the management level was micromanaging not explaining.

Points positifs

work from home

Points négatifs

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not as good as it seems

Management is chaotic and there is heavy favouritism. Benefits are expensive. Requests for additional training falls on deaf ears even though we are constantly asked what additional tools are needed for success and improvement. There is also constant bombardment with ridiculous social activities that do not include everyone although they heavily push for inclusion. A lot of smoke and mirrors with this company. Good for some initial experience but not a long-term career.

Points positifs

relaxed culture

Points négatifs

management does not follow through on their promises
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Very supportive work environment

Great place to start a career post-university. All staff is very supportive and there is a great culture/environment. Everyone is very easy to get along with. You will get a chance to work in both assurance and tax as you grow.Very flexible if you need to leave early/come in late as long as you recover the missed time within a week or so. Lots of snacks are also available.Overtime is expected during busy season but that is the same for every public accounting firm.
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Amazing company

I'm happier that I expected when I started my career in Canada, and thanks to MNP. The company is amazing, they literally focus on providing work/life balance, great company's culture and values, and most important, the people that work there are very friendly, supportive and they made me feel very welcome since day one. The HR team is very accessible, they focus on providing a good path for learning and growth, besides a lot of small activities to make the entire team engaged. The company also has a great focus on their community, by sponsoring and partnering some fundraising entities, and encouraging employees to be part of the volunteering activities within the community.

Points positifs

Work/life balance, culture and environment, benefits

Points négatifs

I can't think on any
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Amazing Opportunities for Growth in a Supportive and Inclusive Culture

Working at MNP has been an incredibly positive experience for me. The culture here is truly great - everyone is supportive, collaborative, and genuinely cares about one another. It makes for a really enjoyable workplace, and I always feel like I'm part of a team.One thing that I really appreciate about working at MNP is the emphasis on work-life balance. The company understands the importance of taking care of its employees, and makes an effort to support our personal lives outside of work. The inclusive culture at MNP is also a huge plus. Everyone is respected for who they are, and there is a real effort to make sure that everyone feels included and valued. This has made for a really positive and accepting work environment, and I feel lucky to be a part of it.In terms of professional growth, MNP is simply amazing. There are so many opportunities to learn and develop new skills, and the company is very supportive of professional development. For me personally, it's been a great place to extend my accounting and auditing knowledge, and I feel like I've grown so much as a professional since joining the team.Overall, I can't recommend MNP enough. It's an amazing place to work, and I feel truly lucky to be a part of such a great company.
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Ok to start a career

typical accounting firm. overtime is expected during busy season. summer is slower. pay is good compare to some other firms in the industry. banked time off.

Points positifs

banked time off

Points négatifs

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Exceeded my expectations!

I was skeptical coming into a large public practice environment which can sometimes be notorious for overly bureaucratic hiring processes. Fortunately that has not been the case at all. I am lucky to say MNP has provided me with the flexibility and autonomy I have always wanted in a role and I love how large the TA team is so we can always learn from each other and bounce off ideas!

Points positifs

Autonomous work, 100% work from home if desired, Amazing collaborative and supportive team, Work w/ great hiring leaders

Points négatifs

- Nothing really, but in the ideal world the TA team would have an annual face to face team building/social events!
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