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What are the perks offered by Mnp?

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  • They often have food available, whether it is leftovers from meetings, or if they cater specifically for the office. During busy season, dinners are provided every night to those who work 2 OT hours. They also have weekly events called "mental breaks" during busy season. Some of which were therapy dogs, massages, food trucks etc. Celebrate birthdays with cake each month. They pay a portion of gym/athletic memberships to support healthy life balance. They have a handful of all staff fun events (escape rooms, archery tag, summer BBQ etc). Salaries are re-evaluated annually. RRSP contribution is matched by the company. Overall there are a lot of perks.

  • Depending on position. Lower end employees basically get the leftovers, if anything at all, but Managers - senior Mangers and Partners get great perks.
    Free Coffee, occasional paid for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, staff events, cake days.

    Although, this is just a distraction. None of their perks are worth it, IMO.

  • They pay for a portion of your gym membership through their employee subsidy program(125$ every quarter) you get a paid personal day every quarter. Lots of cons though to working there

  • Employment assistance program

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