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Comment décririez-vous lenvironnement de travail et la culture dans lentreprise?

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  • Poor work environment and over all culture. I never once felt like a valued employee or human. People were terrible. No team work just back to back. No help when needed or starting out new. Leave you in the dust and don't care favored certain employees and mistreated others. Very toxic environment and dreadful going there

  • Great work environment and culture. Very friendly staff .

  • It's a fast pace environment, and not a place you can just 'coast' by. If you don't have the drive or work ethic you will not last long, but if you do it's a great place to be with tons of opportunity for growth. Coworkers are awesome. Tons of social events. Always someone to chat with by the coffee machine. It honestly is a fun place to work.

  • Toxic, to say the least. You will not find honest, loyal management or coworkers here. It's a snitch or get snitched kind of environment. Hierarchy is their favourite thing. Bullying is not frowned upon. HR/Management is there for themselves, do not seek support from them because they turn it around on you as being "high maintenance". You are there to do above and beyond your job and to stay quiet.

  • In a word... AWFUL. Moral is so low that they have to buy snacks and treats to placate everyone into thinking they’re having a good time.

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  • The work environment was good, the office in Kelowna employs 200+ people so developing a relationship with some was difficult as everyone has different responsibilities and schedules. Overall I enjoyed the people I worked with.

  • The accountants work long hours..weekends, holidays and are overwhelmed at tax time. Extremely stressed and over worked. Company likes to push that they are a top employer in Canada but very little evidence of that in the workplace.

  • De-motivating and dictatorship culture

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