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The piece of paper you sign, isnt a contract. Its not even an agreement. It has no legal standing whatsoever and Management will not honor what is writen in it. They screwed us out of 30 mins per day, cost us thousands per year. Even though our 'contract' stated we should be paid 12 hours per day. And don't think HR will help you, they are there for the company, not the worker.

Réponse du 12 octobre 2019

They will offer you an enticing contracts to get you to come to work and then try to intimidate you to take less pay, hours and overtime than promised! BEWARE! They will SCAM you!

Réponse du 9 mai 2019

When you hire worked for a shutdown don’t attempt to change their contracts mid shutdown! Great way to have dozens of workers not for focused on working safe but rather worrying about their pay! Get your staff under control! One incident based on distraction and it will cost more than 2 hrs of overtime

Réponse du 9 mai 2019

No, only recruit in North America

Réponse du 21 janvier 2020

A job that is held over your head to manipulate you to their will! Beware

Réponse du 9 mai 2019

A lot of steps and online training

Réponse du 22 juin 2019

How I handle stress, greatest strengths and weaknesses

Réponse du 4 février 2019
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