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Caissière (Laval, QC)
le 12 septembre 2018
pas si mal mais manque d'organisation
J'ai été caissière chez miniso. En gros, j'ai bien aimé leur culture et j'ai eu du plaisir à travailler avec eux et je m'entendais super bien avec mes collègues. Sauf qu'ils doivent améliorer au niveau de leur organisation (horaire toujours en retard). La communication est aussi une de leur plus grande faiblesse. Souvent, c'est moi qui devait courir après eux et c'était déplaisant. Depuis que je me suis fait transférée dans un magasin plus proche de chez moi, je n'ai toujours pas reçu un compte adp. Aussi, ils m'ont bien promis que j'allait être transférée, mais soudainement on me dit que mes heures ne sont pas garanties une fois transférée............... c dead. Bref, il serait bien meilleur s'ils avaient ces deux facteurs bien maîtrisés.
White-collar Professional Helper (Toronto, ON)
le 27 juillet 2021
Great co-workers, terrible management, worst working culture, insane pressure. Overall score: FkNO/10
The title might seem like a joke but it’s not. But the company culture is. You could see the best people be wasting their talent, their time, their passion and yes, their money here. You will be loved by management if you work hard, and by hard I mean literally slaving yourself, no time for personal commitments with 12h+ workdays. The amount of work 1 person has to take is just insane. If you can’t do 5-people amount of work they don’t want you. Things change constantly in the company with little to no notice, so you will always find yourself gasping for air in between tight deadlines. System is a mess. Manual work all day everyday because they’re cheap to hire any other agency/proper business consultant to help. I could go on and on about how terrible this place is. Seriously, I got PTSD working here. All corporates are trashy capitalists but this company is in another level. I’m leaving the company if anybody wonders.
Shift Lead/Assistant Manager (Ottawa, ON)
le 21 juillet 2021
Miniso is cute and fun as a consumer but as a worker you are treated like nothing. Higher up management gives insane amounts of large tasks with 1 day deadlines, only 1-2 people staffed in a store, and will treat you terribly if you express any form of concern or fatigue over the workload, including yelling and berating, and given ultimatums. Arbitrary tasks are prioritized poorly and above customer experience. Accessibility and visual of the store is forgone for receiving more and more shipment items, putting boxes all over the sales floor with no staff to put it away, and other tasks being pushed. Managers are often not given the manager title and are just “assistant manager” to an area manager who likely does not live in the area and does not visit the store except once a month. Managers are included in the only 1-2 employees staffed at a store, are expected to work 6-7 days a week, and be available outside of work hours as well, with barely above minimum wage salary. They will do their best to keep you minimum wage or as low as possible while stacking more and more responsibilities on you, especially with low staff. If you are part time you are also expected to have completely full availability, including short notice call ins, despite being part time. You will be punished if you do not meet this expectation. Promotions do not happen unless you fight for months or everyone else quits around you. Bonuses are advertised as fun incentive to hit sales goals, but are never given. “Benefits” are available but the bare minimum, and vacation is impossible due to keeping the staff low as possible. There is no employee discount.
Sales Associate (Toronto, ON)
le 12 mars 2021
Inconsiderate upper management, store is always changing, high turnover rate
Every day you come in, there was something to be moved around and re-arranged. Even the customers complained greatly about how they could never find something they bought regularly in the same place whenever they visited. Our whole day would be wasted on finding the optimal space to rearrange things while still expected to greet and oblige every customer when we didn't even have enough staff to work at the store. They also made me go into work to receive my notice of termination when I thought I was going in for a normal shift. Went through the trouble of a long commute just for a letter they could have emailed me. They also store merchandise in the bathroom. Staff kept being moved around to different locations.
Coordinator (Toronto, ON)
le 6 janvier 2021
growing company with a lot of potentials
MINISO is a fast-growing company. Colleagues are very nice. International Working environment. Sometimes can be stressful but coworkers are very helpful!

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