Milieu Family Services
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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Milieu Family Services?

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Toxic. If you're looking to get your degree in mental health, work for milieu. They will mess up your mind and help you get certified as anxious and depressed.

Very toxic and unsafe

Very Supportive and collaborative environment. While the work can be challenging at times it is always rewarding.

They report what the government wants to hear not what happens so be prepared to be edited

Managers are disorganized and uneducated. Employees are not valued or respected, and although there is no gross misconduct by management, therapeutic decisions made in relation to the individuals are poorly thought out, resulting in unnecessary chaos and mistrust.

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Very supportive and friendly

Milieu Family Services has a very friendly and supportive team where anyone can feel safe secure and valued at work place.

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