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Why would you want to work at Michaels?

20 réponses

  • Most of this is very positive!

  • I love working with crafts! I do a lot of knitting, crosstitching, and I used to do a great deal of beadwork.

  • Mostly very pleasant coworkers. Customers 95% nice too.

  • I want to join this company in Oakville , I Join sheridan for my PG I want part time work as a student visa , I Love Art Object , I have experience to Art Supply to many big store included Metro Cash and Carry , India

  • The team in which has a passion. As well using my artistic knowledge to encourage others to excel

  • Because I love the products at Michael and I enjoy new challenges

  • As the lover of arts

  • As a lover of the arts, I know I'd do best working in a creative environment

  • Sale Associate

  • I like the products Michael ' s sell

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