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Où voyez-vous Michaels dans 10 ans?

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  • I believe that the Michaels store will continue to be successful for long time to come in store and online ! They are the best and have the best in all sorts of creativeness that people are looking for ! I believe they should really consider opening a store in the Midland, Ontario area, lots of people I know loves Michaels store can't always get to them, so Midland would be more convenient for lots of us ! PLEASE COME TO MIDLAND, ONTARIO MICHAELS !!!!!!!

  • I think Michaels will only improve because they go with the trends.They have one of the best marketing teams for the stores and online.Michaels University talk about amazing learn online all you need to know about your job and also the policies of the store.

  • I think Michaels is a great place to learn new skills and share the ones you have but the staff sometimes cannot direct customers in the right direction. Michaels will do fine as long as they keep up with popular YouTube users' craft videos. (Ie paint pouring-get some strainers on your shelves)

  • I feel like michaels is going all the way.

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  1. Où voyez-vous Michaels dans 10 ans?