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Do we work holidays too?

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  • I personally am not scheduled to work holidays at Michaels. The store is open to customers most holidays.

  • Yes some stores...

  • Yes....Some stores

  • Holiday hours are ridiculous; be prepared to work till 10-11pm during Christmas. Michaels also gets greedy and for some reason has "extended holiday hours" on days like Good Friday (we were open until 10pm last year) when everywhere else closes early. We're also open later on Sundays than most retail stores; 7pm vs. the 5-6pm that most places close. Completely unnecessary.

  • Some stores, yes

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  • Yes. all days work except for christmas and new years

  • Stat Hoildays off.

  • Some. But you do get compensated for it and the store closes early.

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  1. Do we work holidays too?