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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
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Productive and fun workplace
Sales Associate (Ancien employé) –  Concord, ON10 juillet 2019
productive work place with amazing staff, and great benefits the you worked as a sales associate, well managed company with many cons and almost little to none cons
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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
Culture d'entreprise
Terrible job. Great job for students who live at home who don't have to pay bills.
Sales Associate (Ancien employé) –  Vancouver, BC12 novembre 2019
This review is based on a sales associate position.

I had a fairly fast interview process. A group interview, with a manager and district manager, which I now know was an expedited interview compared to the usual process of multiple interviews, which can take up to a month for a positive offer of employment.

They woo you with talk of advancement, raises, opportunities. They speak on being a "family" type of environment. Do not let this fool you. This is a trick. No matter the amount of initiative you show, hard work or dedication, you will still be paid minimum wage.
Year after year, my "surprise, you get a raise!" was actually "surprise, the provincial government is forcing us to pay you more, so here is a couple cents more per hour". Which actually ended up being less money in our bank at the end of the month, because they reduced our commission rate after that to 1% due to the provincial minimum wage raise. They do not want their employees to see success. Michael Kors Canada wants their employees to make maximum profits for them at the expense of the employee.

The turnover at the company is insane. I stayed on for a couple years and saw many great hard working people leave due to the corporate BS.

As a sales associate, you have strict dress code rules all the way down to the length and colour of your fingernails. Some stores will send you home if you show up to work not wearing makeup, or if there are wrinkles in your dress. You are forced to wear their clothes as dresscode, but yet you still get deductions taken out from your pay for these clothes. If
  plus... you win a contest, they will take a certain % of the cost of the item you won out from your paycheck. If you have more returns than you do sales, they will take money from your paycheck.

The sales competition is so toxic. Coworkers will steal your clients, steal your sales when you're not there (or right in front of you). The company gives these KPI goals to the associates that are so hard to make if you aren't in an ideal location or if you don't speak a second language such as mandarin. The work atmosphere would be more enjoyable if there was a store goal instead of individual goals. That does not foster a positive team environment.

You will probably have to deal with more returns and unhappy customers in store than you have sales. Most of the business is online, so don't expect to make a lot of money as a sales associate. Expect to be in the back room packing boxes for online orders. Like mentioned above, you're only a walking Barbie for them being paid minimum wage.
(which is ridiculous for a Billion dollar company, to be paying their front line staff peanuts when they can purchase Versace for billions)

There were some good things about working at Michael Kors, such as meeting and working with some really amazing people and learning some more insight into the industry. The work was not very hard on a slow day, and you could talk with your coworkers (just pretend to be busy).
Each store would have a few bad eggs lets say but for the most part the people were good to be around. Watch out for snakes is my advice. People in this company TALK AND GOSSIP so much. Just ignore them and go to the back and clean.

As an employee, you are expected to show up for sometimes 6:30 AM meetings in the next city over while dressed to impress. These meetings can honestly be done over the internet or a powerpoint in store because the information is just the same as you read online in the corporate announcements.

You are also expected to do more work for less money, as every time there is need for visual merchandising and inventory control procedures (most company's I have worked for have had separate teams come in for these tasks). These are additional responsibilities they don't tell you about initially and do not offer extra compensation for, but always need to be done. Sometimes you will be at the store until 1AM and expected to be back at the store to open the next day.

What else can I think of that was good, to counter all these bad points....
a 50% discount on cheap Chinese made products... HA HA HA.
This is why you deal with so many returns and angry customers. The product does not last and falls apart, and you are left there to deal with customer service issues. DON'T bother learning the return policies or trying to enforce them because customers will scream at you until you get a manager and they get their way.

Hi to everyone who still works there, I hope you get paid better someday! Don't be afraid to walk away and find a better opportunity if it does come your way.
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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
Culture d'entreprise
fun workplace, great co workers and management team
Sales Associate (Ancien employé) –  Mississauga, ON6 novembre 2019
great environment at Micheal kors ,
fun co workers, and very understandable
great pay/ stat pay
work lunches/ party
everyday learning new things
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