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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Michael Kors?

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Just make sure that before the interview - you have had more than one job in your lifetime. Because if you only had one job before applying to Michael Kors - the manager/supervisor/whoever would be conducting the Sorry pathetic excuse of an “interview” will heavily judge you throughout the whole interview process

You interview with a manager, then the store manager. The store manager told me they would need a third interview with the district manager. Honestly I this makes no sense. three interviews for a sales position?

It was a great experience and they communicated their needs well.

Two stages of interviewing, first is with a manager and second is with the district manager from head office

Long and sometimes very unsure. I didn't get a response for almost a month after I had 3 interviews. While working there and watching the hiring process I've seen people wait longer and be forgot about when told they would be hired.

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