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13 questions

Very laid back and relaxes

Réponse du 11 juillet 2018

My department and other supervisors never really know my job description and what it means until now I resigned.

Réponse du 29 juillet 2020

For the work employees do...they are not getting paid enough money....for a big company...they are underpaying their staff....

Réponse du 30 avril 2019

Usually they hire more people in the seasons and they knew that they will leave after the season but few might stay in work if they need their special skills and performance and whom they feel realy wants to stay

Réponse du 28 juin 2019

Very nice and enjoyable workplace

Réponse du 11 juillet 2018

I had seven days but due to lack experienced staff to cover me I had to work three days per week and two days off to cover my vacation

Réponse du 29 juillet 2020

There is no future. No ladder to climb so do not bother applying there.

Réponse du 3 février 2020

Dealing with management as they are extremely disorganized. Work volume is always being behind from day shift to night shift. You will get asked to go go go and not paying any attention to safety way to many close calls. Supervisor role will work from 12hrs to 14hrs no extra pay. Operators at this company get pay the lowest in the market $17hrs $.75 cents more if you work night shift.

Réponse du 27 janvier 2020
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