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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Serviced focused and not Adviced Focused

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I was a Licenced Financial Services Advisor and didn't find the job challenging. It was all about taking care of customers immediate needs instead of helping them with long term goal planning. The focus is on mortgages and GICs, nothing else. They don't own their own securities so very little customers with mutual funds. Mutial funds are owned by Credential Asset Management so you'll have a different scorecard and manager.They also don't own their own credit cards so you have no access to view the accounts, you just do the application and then it's handed off to Calabria. They have Advisor call customers for service requests and sitting at the front desk because they barely have staff. Not a challenging place to work, no room to grow. The systems are horrible, there is a different platform for every product. The people are really nice to work with.

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Employee Mortgage Rate
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great place to work. excellent goal planning. many opportunities for advancements Member focused goal planning excellent training lots of support!!
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Disappointing to say the least

For a company that prides itself on being Ontario’s largest credit union, the lack of proper training is surprising. I was very excited to start working here until a few days in, when I found that the team environment was actually pretty toxic.I had gotten through the routine training modules which were pretty standard for onboarding at a financial institution. The next thing I was expecting was some actual job-specific training, but the individual on my team then gave me some more stuff to read through. I thought, okay so I’ll get through this then maybe I’ll get some hands-on training on my actual job duties. I expressed to this individual and my manager that my learning style was very practical, I learn well by doing rather than reading. I was given nothing to do except read and rarely got to work on anything. When I finally got one small thing to work on, I gladly did, but never received feedback on it even though I asked several times. When I had questions, or needed further clarification on what was expected of me as I continued reading document after document (some exceeding 120 pages), it was met with condescending responses as if I was just supposed to know everything even though I was a new hire. I asked several times if I could work on something or offer help in any way, but every time I was told to keep reading.This went on for about a month until I was dismissed. What was supposed to be a great opportunity turned out to be the most disappointing, frustrating experience I’ve had with any company, ever. If you want proper training and to be part of a team that - 

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Total compensation

Points négatifs

Poor training, toxic culture
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This would depend on each branch, but my manager was amazing and fantastic. Everyone at the branch was. The company as a whole is great to work for. I would definitely recommend them

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Amazing branch
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Terrible management & technology

Worst management I’ve ever had and embarrassing technology systems. No crm system even exists to manage clients and loan writing systems are terrible. Poor communication from management and did not handle things well throughout covid with lockdowns and supporting employees.

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Technology systems, management, low pay
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Poor management

They do not live up to the culture and values they advertise. Management not experienced in leadership or interpersonal skills to be effective or empathetic.

Points positifs

Free banking

Points négatifs

Toxic environment
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Excellent place to feel included.

This is a very inclusive workplace, making new employees feel very accepted. Onboarding training is very comprehensive and can be completed at own pace.

Points positifs

Work from home.

Points négatifs

Start as contact position.
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Accomidating and supportive.

I've been with Meridian for nearlt 10 years and have worked at many different branches. Overall, the company culture is very positive and supportive. It's a great company that encourages and supports advancement.

Points positifs

Lots of little perks, also considerate of family obligations.

Points négatifs

Working some Saturdays and evenings..
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Trying to be too much like a bank

Not the same as it was here years ago when the culture was truly employee and member focused. Too many gimmicky rate specials that can never lead to long term relationships with Members. Management has been gradually replaced with former bank management (ie TD) and that "results are the only thing that matters" mentality has overtaken Meridian. Unless you have been here for many many years, you don't really have much job security. They are trying to reduce staff and focus on digital banking.Really love dealing with most Members as they are true credit union clients but they too are seeing Meridian turning into a bank as well.Too much animosity and competition within the company (retail, wealth, business banking) all fighting over the same $ to make their scorecard look better for bonuses.

Points positifs

Great Member base to deal with

Points négatifs

Turning into a Bank culture of sales and targets
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Stressful - Micro Managed

I can't believe the company let's VP get away with the things they do, not letting people employees leave a department for a better position, VP treating terribly by degrading and berating them to a point that they are in tear, VP is always trying to find something wrong as to find the great things and pointing them out.
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Contact center representative

Management is not the greatest, no development, no growth, no passion, disorganization, and no support. Mangers care for only what benefits them. The most demotivating environment to work in. Verbally abusive people on a regular day, and management doesnt care, they dont encouragement growth, education or development. She micromanaged and gaslight you.

Points positifs

Pay, and benefits

Points négatifs

No work life balance, no development, no positive coaching, no consistency, dead end job
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Dead end

If you actually like not knowing where you sit every day, no advancement, and an operator that has no care or empathy for you, and you like part time, scatterred shifts...your set. Dead end like all call centers. Too small, too dirty, no way I would work there again. There is a reason it is only part time. Your stuck

Points positifs

Benefits right away

Points négatifs

Germs, crowds, crammed, not knowing what pc or where you sit at everyday, and sitting in peoples stuff everywhere marking a fiction territory.!
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Fast paced, demanding but rewarding

A lot of ad hoc tasks gives you exposure to a lot of fantastic work and opportunities Management is knowledgeable and provides good mentoring Work life balance is a challenge Co-workers are great and provide a tremendous amount of support
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An established corporate culture seeking new markets

Meridian are a traditional Ontario Credit Union seeking to diversify their business model. As such there is an ongoing culture of process and business redesign as they migrate from traditional delivery models.
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Friendly and Member focused.

Meridian is focused on meeting the needs of their Members. Meridian is a company that takes responsability for making things right. Staff are always pleasat to speak with.
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Great work atmosphere!

Great benefits and company incentives but salary too low. Company does not offer permanent Full-time for Member Service Representatives. Not overly aggressive sales targets.-
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Great company that has the employee's and Member's backs

This company is a little bit slow to promote as it is smaller, however, they support their staff and their members. They are very ethical, always try to do the right thing and provide sa very comfortable work environment always supporting work life balance.
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Productive and fun place

Great place to work... excellent colleagues and manager. They had lunch and learn sessions which were very informative. Relaxed atmosphere, and a fun place to work.
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Just not a good environment to work - Branch Level

Management provided no support. Management had no integrity& no accountability. Division of time spent being on the front line (on cash) and actually being able to perform my Financial Service Rep responsibilities was not as indicated in Job description. Training is very limited at the Branch level. Nevertheless, one is expected to meet monthly/ yearly goals. Archaic computers and tools of the trade to to your job. Overall, just a bad experience.
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Fun and peaceful workplace environment

Work environment was very nice. All colleagues were helpful and suppportive. Good work was very much appreciated by management. Flexible working hours and fun work environment
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Community oriented company with aggressive growth ambitions

Overall experience with the organization was good. There is really not much opportunity for development and advancement, and some people managers are not fully held accountable for their performance or treatment of staff, so there are opportunities to develop the human resources function in the organization to address this problem.
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