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What is the company culture at MERCEDES BENZ CANADA INC?

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We have an engaging corporate culture and we implement many initiatives as part of our commitment to inclusion & diversity. We also believe in a healthy work-life balance and encourage our employees to keep that top of mind. Our portfolio of corporate social responsibility initiatives is strong and we urge our employees to participate whenever they have the chance.

25 janvier 2018

What Mercedes-benz corporate claims to be and the reality of work place are completely opposite. The workplace is toxic, HR department managers support who they like and if you are not liked, you will never be supported. They breach their employment contract every day by not fostering a harassment free environment. Their investigation process is based on favoritism and not the facts. Unfortunately for the great brand, HR does an unfair job overall!

"Driven to delight" and "The Best or Nothing"
Customer Service is #1, regardless if they are internal or external customers!

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