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I'm giving 2 stars instead of 1 because you'll never meet a group of staff members that are as fun and friendly as the writers and marketing team at this company. However, there is serious leadership incompetency in all management staff at Mentor Works.

Management hides under a veil of generosity with the odd free lunch, snacks in the kitchen, and "allowing" out-of-work activities. In reality, they have exclusive meetings, demand unreasonable timelines, discourage vacation, discourage salary discussions, and don't pay for overtime work; this is all while preaching they care about work/life balance.

They consistently value the bottom line over employee retention and happiness. The sales team is disproportionately paid through overzealous commissions, while other departments are severely underpaid for doing the work. There are benefits, but they are very limited and don't last long if you have a family.

The company refuses to hire an HR department and it really struggles with staff valuation as a result. There is an incredibly high turnover rate at this company due to a very serious blame culture that persists.

I can't recommend working here until an 1) an HR department is hired, 2) salary hierarchies are revisited, and 3) A new Operations Manager is hired - the existing one is better suited for a non-leadership role.
Points positifs
free lunches, flexible hours, remote work
Points négatifs
Poor management, lack of leadership, NO HR??
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