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Software Engineer8 avis
Canada8 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great place to start for fresh grads

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Lot of support and trainings, have a cafeteria onsite and volleyball games. A good place to learn formal dev processes for new grads or co-op students. The pay is low though.

Points positifs

formal process training

Points négatifs

low pay
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Poor training, management impatience, very tight task schedule

The only positives I have of this company is that there are lots of technologies deployed and there are unlimited number of things to learn. If you can survive and find a balance, it's a good place to start off before moving onto another company.The department I worked at only cared about scheduling and timeliness of deliverables. Supervisors and managers always assigned task time by the book, treating even new hires like veterans when comes to task time allocation. Colleagues had no time to spend with new hires to get them up to speed as everyone was always on tight schedules, and there was no meaningful training time allocated. Management was impatient to properly train new people, and yet not allocated reasonable time for study and research neither.Sick days are mandated by the government these days, but when I was working there a few years ago as a new hire, I wasn't qualified for sick days during my 6 month probation. I was sick for three days; the only thing management said was for me to make up all the lost hours on my own because every single hour must be reported on the timesheet. At the end, nothing mattered. When the scheduled time was up on the tasks, the management pressured me. I put up lots of my personal hours after work and weekends attempting to complete the tasks. There was no appreciation from the management whatsoever. After a couple of warnings, they let me go even before the probation period was up. There was no compassion whatsoever. The turnover rate is high at this company, not a doubt.

Points positifs

Lots of new technologies

Points négatifs

Impatient and uncompassionate management, no training, very tight schedule
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Fun place to work

Good. Awesome place to work. They don't hire many people due to budget constraint. There is one cafeteria. Co-workers are very friendly. Some teams still using old technology.
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declining company

used to be much better. Growth opportunities are close to non existent
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Encouraging and Energizing company

Company has good growth rate, great workplace culture, and healthy development in the market. Excellent campus in a very beautiful city and country. Respect employees and very considerate.
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Avoid this place

Management treats new hires like they are highly disposable and have no respect for the people under them - they treat them like children. This this of attitude is very disrespectful and condescending. You also have no job security here whatsoever. So many people come and go - there is such a high turnover rate that it's a wonder the company is still surviving. MDA has gotten into a trend of only hiring from out of province or country to make it harder for them to quit once they've committed to moving here. There aren't many people happy about working here. Nobody is ever recognized, and salary is extremely poor, even for Vancouver standards. The promise of raises always fall short. No training is ever provided, and if you don't find material to self learn you are heavily criticized. There is no work-life balance whatsoever. The environment is extremely toxic and they find ways to pit people against one another. Documentation and process for work is extremely long and arduous. It makes any kind of work you do very unpleasant. You find yourself fighting with the process more than actually getting things accomplished.

Points positifs

Coworkers are pretty nice

Points négatifs

Unreasonable and unachievable expectations. Low pay.
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Don't work here

Pay is extremely low for what is demanded of you. The workplace culture is very boring and there is no fun to be had. There is very little to learn here with no additional training on the job offered.
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Deteriorated work environment

This place is as obsolete as you can imagine. Most people working here have been there for 10 years or more. Thus don't expect any Git or object oriented programming in here. The office space is old and closed. You will never see the sun again. Most TL don't know what they are doing.

Points positifs

Payed extra hours

Points négatifs

Everything else
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