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What is the company culture at McKesson?

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The culture is fun and friendly. They are very family oriented having special events planned for their staff and family members.

Réponse du - Material Handler (Employé actuel) - Trenton, ON

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Customer Service at McKesson is a continuous learning and growth environment - it's not all just answering customer calls.
We all support each other as a team, and mentored when there is the opportunity to do so. Mentoring and information-sharing is always encouraged at McKesson.
The Admin team is under the Customer Service umbrella. Within my Admin role, there was never a day that went by that I didn't either learn something from new my peers, or help one of my peers when they asked!! Some people thrive in that kind of environment, and I'm one of them. McKesson has helped put me on the track to success in my new endeavors, what ever they might be, and I hope to have the opportunity to work for a company with similar principles to that of McKesson.

Réponse du - Administrative Assistant (Ancien employé) - Calgary, AB

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Health for both client and personal

Réponse du - Adjointe administrative senior (Ancien employé) - Saint-Laurent, QC

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