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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Je n’ai pas vécue une très belle expérience en travaillant au sein de cette entreprise

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Une journée de travaille est très longe et fatiguant lorsque les collègues ne socialise pas avec toi. Je crois que ce travaille ma quand même permis de travailler mon débrouillardise et mon sens d’organisation et la planification des aliments etc. La direction n’est vraiment empathique avec les employés.

Points positifs

Repas avec rabais

Points négatifs

Courtes pauses, salaire, stress élèver
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Inclusive and open

McDonald’s has such an inclusive group of workers, from all ages and ethnicities. I find it great how they allow you to decide your own schedule to meet your life.
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Great place to work

Mcdonalds is a great place to work. We are very diverse and we serve our food quickly hot and ready for our customers. We have good perks for people who stay with us! And flexible hours
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Stressful but fun team

I appreciate the memories I had with may co workers before but management wise, the people is one of the worst. Stressful treatment for managers and it’s bad for the mental health. I was a part time and studying but they can’t respect schedules.
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I enjoyed working with Mcdonald as much as I could, It could be a burn out when you work the nightshifts.

What is the best part of working at the company?Being able to do every task possible. It can get exhausting although I enjoy being able to move around at a speed to make sure no order or any customers are in the wait.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Constantly getting sick from the oil. Overall there was less employees working so I had a lot of pressure as a crew member who moves the quickest in the workplace. Things going out of stock and delayed restocking. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It’s 50/50, you can get along with certain workers and managers. Sometimes, it’s slightly awful. What is a typical day like for you at the company? Neutral. I am buried and focused in work most of the time, I can enjoy my own company. I try not to stress during rushes too.
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Productive, fast paced

Fun work environment easy to learn good for students, fast paced especially during busy hours. Depends on location but might have to work 1 overnight shift a month.
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Flexible hours

Good when starting off especially if its ur first job, flexible hrs, but most of times short staff, have yearly education bursary that u can apply when ur in post-secondary
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bad managers bad pay and treated horribly for working extremely hard. owners of my location were so rude and treated us like dogs. i would not recommend to anyone
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Good first experience

Helped improve my communication skills, and dealing with customers. The team-environment is good, met some great workers who’d be always willing to help if needed and friends!!
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Is aigh

Defs not the greatest but also not the worse place to be at therefore, is aigh. You can steal chicken nuggets
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Productive and fun

Yup, that's really it. Great place to eat great place to visit, great place to make friends and, yup that's about it. I really like the area to live in
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Great benefits

Great place to work and great benefits. couldn't recommend it enough for students and teens who need some work experience. Overall really awesome place and the benefits are unreal.
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Fun and Easy First Job

Depending on the managers running the shift, some work days were really great while others weren’t. Customers are entitled and so are most delivery drivers. However, coworkers and some managers made shifts really fun and the pay is liveable.
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Busy and Hectic

Good for highschool job. Difficult if you're doing this full time and with a group of folks that you would not normally blend with. Overall I did learn alot though.
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Great times

I had a great time at McDonald’s was very important for me to learn the workplace and I was able to do that here. I was promoted and treated like a part of the family.
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A fun place to work with much care for the employees

Great management and work culture. Everyone helps when you are in trouble or facing too many orders. Proper training is provided.. no influence on personal life matters and understanding on employees requirements. Hardest part is when the restaurant is busy and you have to complete orders within the time standard

Points positifs

Free food ;), fun work setting

Points négatifs

Legs can hurt from standing long hours
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Just a job.

The job is flexible hours for students. There are the occasional terrible customers who are needlessly confrontational. The management is very questionable.
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Room to grow

Awesome place to start your career in customer service. There is definitely room to grow. They also offer flexible schedules. Although work can be demanding at times.
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Good as a first job. People are funny but sometimes you feel stressfull because of crowded. Payments are ideal for students. You will earn many experiences!
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Don't be an outsider

If your part of the in crowd your fine, if not your belittled and harassed constantly. Don't even bother to report it doesn't get you anywhere except for the managers telling the friends who work there that you complained and it gets worse.
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Fast pace network

What is the best part of working at the company?50% discount on food. Great company and staff.Flexible hours.Great work experience.Supportive network What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Having to work at a fast pace. It’s hard if your not use to it. The demand for items. Got to be quick on your feet. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Fast pace. Must have good listening skills. Be able to take directions. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Mornings rush and lunch rush. Late afternoon goes by slow. Evening rush then slow again
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