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On attend de vous de courir partout sans cesse. Les clients ne sont pas très compréhensible non plus.
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Awful, demanding, no support, no flexibility like they advertised, guilt tripping. The only reason they create good workers is because they work their employees till they snap.

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Points négatifs

Bad, demanding management
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  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
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Fast paced but are very accommodating to students

This was my first job out of high school and I've been working part time. Everyone's very friendly and the managers are very accommodating when it come to scheduling. It can get stressfull during peak hours and you should be able to prioritize and multitask. Wouldn't reccomend it for those who can't do that.

Points positifs

50% discount

Points négatifs

It's very tiring depending on how popular your location is
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The job can be stressful at times depending on how busy it may be but if you like the people you are working with, it can be a fun an enjoyable experience
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it's alright

- learned how to multi-task, cooperate with a team, work with speed, etc - management is unsupportive, disliking all crew who aren't doing their position properly regardless of them being new/old members - constantly feeling over-worked, drained of energy

Points positifs

50% discount, building skills

Points négatifs

staff shortage, toxic management
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Dynamic fast paced work place

This is a great first job or summer job especially for students. The staff team ends up feeling like a family. At times can be stressful fulfilling orders during peak times. Many hours on your feet
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Managers shout at you and will humiliate you (McDonald’s 3025 clayhill, Mississauga)

The managers shout at us and they humiliated me in front of a customer just because I was slow using the computer! It was literally my 2nd day of training. They don’t motivate you, they just shout at you and keep asking you to do this and that while the other workers are chatting! Co-workers pushed you when they need to get their order.
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Its a not humanly reasonable to work here. You have to do four jobs at once with horrible managers and hours. The crew were all the same race and chose to speak tagalog over english leaving the other workers confused on what to do. The training is horrible and the managers are biased and rude. Dont work here, you're worth more than that.

Points positifs

Free food.

Points négatifs

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Fun workplace

Very stressful. Doing hundreds of tasks at a time. Pay is just basic. Management is also busy to listen to anything. It is good for students as part time job.
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Good starting job as teenager. I had a great team. Can get stressful sometimes because it's super busy. Was able to work and go to school. Discount on food was nice
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Just okay

Work yourself to death to make up for lazy coworkers and never receive recognition, and watch your lazy coworkers get promoted and rewarded. Sometimes you get yelled at by both customers and management, and some days you have a refreshing conversation with a regular. It's a job that pays (not nearly enough), and you MIGHT get your benefits... eventually. Sign your soul over to the clown, just so you can afford to pay your rent.

Points positifs

employee discount

Points négatifs

Toxic work environment, hardly any growth opportunities, unfair wages
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It's McDonald's, what do you want me say

It's McDonald's. Working too hard, get paid too little, deal with a stressful environment and anxious managers to sell unhealthy food to kids. We all know how this works
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Fun Place to work, nice coworkers, days go by fast

Days go by super fast, everyone is friendly and willing to help if you need help. At times it does get stressful, I just needed a part time job between school.

Points positifs

The people

Points négatifs

Stressful at times during rush hour
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Good part time job

You learn a lot of things at work. Just the pay is not good. You can choose your own schedule. Different store has different ways of dealing with each so each store is unique
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Travail stressant physique

Travaillez au McDonald comme premier emploi peut t’apprendre beaucoup de chose au niveau du service a la clientèle mais je ne le recommenderai pas pour quelqu’un qui se cherche un emploi s’il a d’autre expérience. Selon mon experience, c’est un environnement stressant pas beaucoup de pause il faut être rapide toujours dans le rush beaucoup de tâches a faire toujours en manque de staff
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They care more about income than other things

It's an ok job until you are left alone for a night shift in the kitchen making 30 burgers per minute because the manager wants to cut down expenses.
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The place was very bad ,unfun and bad if you are still in school

You could not talk to your friends or co-workers the managers would siton there phone for 75% the time and they would do anything to to the littlest amount of work they will ask everyone else to do it for them while they talk to someone or go on there phone. they were very bad with time and shifts they would give me 5 hours no brake almost everyday after school so I changed my hours after 3 months to days that would work the best they stopped given me shifts all together
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Horrible culture to work in

I had the worst experience working here. Most people working there are so unnecessarily rude and gave me zero training. The supervisors think they own the place. In comparison, working in Tim hortons has been 1000% better because of the work culture
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Okay but not great

Some managers are friendly and kind, but you work like a robot. The work environment is stressful but fun rarely and after each shift, I could not do anything else because my mind and body were too tired to do anything but sleep.
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I don’t what job culture is???Mgrs are ok. Can be very stressful. A lot of fun times. They have meetings and occasional fun things happening. Like a commercial can be made in your restaurant.
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Fast paced and sometimes stressful

Management is very nice and other employees were great to work with at my location but the overall job can be pretty stressful and fact paced at times

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Unliveable wages
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