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Why did you leave your job at McDonald's?

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  • I left due to the hours not being steady. A majority of the management was horrible, yelling at the employees all the time. Not enough recognition for the work you do for them and the salary, hours were not enough. We were told by upper management to lie on the surveys we did in the office to make the store look good or our hours would be taken away. We were also told to upsell or we wouldn't get any hours. This was at the Madoc, Ontario store

  • If a have any serious problem

  • My dad died in tregedie.

  • First I got sick that will require me to have a rest for almost a year. Since my passion was always with the vision of McDonald's I have looked for a similar position but with a different owner operator.

  • Returned to school.

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  • New employment opportunities.

  • The new management was terrible at her job and I spent a month with my sick grandmother

  • Too much work for me

  • Because the new management was really bad and it's time for me to get a new job to grow as a person

  • Need to get a full time job for gap year between post secondary and now. Need better pay. Was never promoted or given raise. My boss left (after being there for 5 years) he was the absolute best boss out there and it's not the same without him.

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  1. Why did you leave your job at McDonald's?