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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez McDonald's?

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  • For the managers to stop going on about killing themselves over Every ice cream cone.

  • Appreciate your staff and give actual recognition for their hard work. Don't play favourites, give everyone a fair change to succeed, learn, and grow. Remember that they're human beings and treat them like human beings, not cogs in a giant machine. Listen and act upon the problems that they bring to you.

  • Treat employees like human beings

  • Stop workplace bullying

  • The reason that made me quit my job at McDonald’s was because the managers that l was working with, they kept yelling at their teammates in front of customers even though l worked my as off for the job. I don’t mine to work in the fast paced or how busy the job is because I’m really good at working on those kind of situations. But l can not work under the circumstances of being shouting at most of the time and especially being yelled at in front of customers during my duty, which made me feel embarrassment or make the customers thinking that because I was suck in my job, that’s why l deserved to be yelled at in front of people. 😞

  • It needs to come from a lot higher than restaurant management. What they ask of managers is very taxing on them mentally and if they don't want such a high turnover rate then maybe they shouldn't demand results that cant be meet with the limitations in place.

  • Treat employees with more respect and care.

  • To practice what they preach, and recognize their employees' contributions to the company. Upper management needs work when it comes to communication with their restaurant managers about health and well-being. They make it seem like they really value you as a person when all they truly care about is whether business operations are functioning as it should, nothing else. This also applies to crew scheduling... They're always on your back about labor costs and reaching the target percentage (in short, cutting hours as much as possible), but they don't realize how busy it can get and how many people are needed on the floor. Then, they try to push GSS (guest satisfaction surveys) and roll out a bunch of promotions at once in order to get back the sales that were lost (say, during stale periods when sales aren't as high). There are a lot of expectations for restaurant employees with little to no support, appreciation, or even recognition from upper management.

  • Steady hours, better management, decent pay for people who deserve it and 80% benefits paid.

  • True and correct implementations of guidelines , policies to follow must be observed accordingly.

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  1. Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez McDonald's?