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Si vous deviez quitter McDonald's, quelle en serait la raison?

41 réponses

  • No opportunity to advance unless you're a favourite of one of the managers. Not enough hours, no positive reinforcement unless (again) you're a favourite, highly stressful environment with no incentive for most to work hard, leaving all the actual work for a handful of employees.

  • Blatantly disrespectful managers.

  • Not enough hours

  • Too much stress for me. Work basically 6 days a week all long shifts. Whenever i call in sick my manager texts me to yell at me. I always work on days off. Never can get the days i want off cause there aint enough people. I feel as if im the only one that works.

  • Terrible tedious job, Each day I was there I would get a burn the the deep firer and if you are not used to working under stress, pressure and competition for hours I recommend you don't get this job unless it's a last resort. The job will definitely give you experience or is a good last resort, it's up to you to listen to me or allow the same thing to happen to you if you're considering becoming a team member there.

  • Moving to other provinance , but i would like to join the McDonald's at anywhere

  • Hired for other position but work in other position.

  • Co workers and rude/disrespectful managers

  • Moving to another province

  • I would leave for a more long term job or school

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  1. Si vous deviez quitter McDonald's, quelle en serait la raison?