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Biggest issue is upper management pushing for insanely fast service, to in return generate more money. This completely undermine's the employees health and quality of service. To put it simply, the faster you have the be, and the more tasks you need to do at the same time, the more errors you'll make, and the more unhappy customers you'll get, which slows everything down and makes the employees even more stressed out. Value your employees over money and you'll get your money's worth in return.
Réponse du 15 mars 2017
50% off meals at participating restaurants in Canada, and free drinks during your shift (small or medium coffee, tea, and pop). Discounts for GoodLife Fitness, Apple, SoftMoc, and Payless Shoe Source to name a few. Sometimes they'll have crew outings and franchise-wide activities (basketball and volleyball competitions, laser tag, talent shows, etc.), but the depends on the franchise. The hours are pretty flexible for students. Benefits are offered to full-time employees who work 32-40 hours a week, and it's deducted from your pay. Great training and development programs for those who want to move up within the restaurant.
Réponse du 10 avril 2017
Questions will vary but you are graded on wether or not you smile during the interview
Réponse du 10 avril 2017
Managers don't communicate with each other, so they blame the issue on you when it's far from your fault.
Réponse du 15 mars 2017
I dressed up and got the job but a girl also came in in shorts and a tshirt and got a job too
Réponse du 25 février 2017
I applied in person, got an interview on the spot. Nice manager
Réponse du 28 septembre 2018
Minimum wage or whatever your wage is depending on your position/time spent within the company. The only perk is free meals for crew who work overnights.
Réponse du 29 octobre 2017
I left due to the hours not being steady. A majority of the management was horrible, yelling at the employees all the time. Not enough recognition for the work you do for them and the salary, hours were not enough. We were told by upper management to lie on the surveys we did in the office to make the store look good or our hours would be taken away. We were also told to upsell or we wouldn't get any hours. This was at the Madoc, Ontario store
Réponse du 21 mars 2017
Yes you get paid
Réponse du 17 novembre 2017
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