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2,9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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C'était vraiment une bonne job mais mauser fermais mon entrepôt.

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ils allaient fermer mon entrepôt et me retrouvais à nettoyer des barils contaminés et cela ne faisais pas mon affaire....
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Low pay, poor environment

On your feet for 8-12 hours, sweltering heat, barely minimum wage (NS facility). Benefits are minimal, low morale amongst workers, and a crazy turn over of people, that just quit soon after starting.

Points positifs

The days do eventually end

Points négatifs

Hot, poorly paid, low morale
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Horrible place to work

Absolutely horrible place to work. Most management treats the employees like garbage. There is a high rate of turn over at the Langley plant and higher management doesn’t care enough to change the reasons why. Which as stated includes treating workers like garbage, next to no training, treat employees like they are idiots, changing schedules without notice, and disregarding any complaints even if there are loads of witnesses to this treatment. Management and HR would rather just bring in new employees and temps instead of actually making an effort to keep employees. The employees that are actually descent get treated even worse by management especially if they try and say something or be nice to others.

Points positifs

Zero pros

Points négatifs

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cranky rude people, super hot inside

As a temp it did pay the bills to get by, but not really a place most people stay. Its definetly steady work but It was always a revolving door and management likes it that way and the people who have stayed.... it's not because they're exactly happy about it. Aswell I honestly dont think I've ever seen people treat each other that horribly at any workplace ive ever come across and even the supervisors engage in the same behaviour. Super hot conditions especially in summer like unbareably hot and they get upset and rude if you start sweating also wont let you have water bottle. Not much training aswell I found it rather confusing as no one seems to have time to help really and if you ask for help usually its met with condescending eye rolls or a rude comment. It's okay as temp position but not really a place to settle down

Points positifs

Vending machines well stocked, breaks were nice

Points négatifs

Long hours, poor behaviour, really hot environment
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Big workplace to work with a lot of automation.

Big orders coming in from new clients everyday. Fast paced environment within the organisation making your job more interesting and enjoyable. Friendly workforce always ready to help and very collaborative.
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Great look into the manufacturing industry.

Mauser has been very good at helping me understand what the manufacturing industry is all about. I have been able to dip into new responsibilities as they have come up, allowing me to see multiple sides of what makes a plant run.
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Growing Company

Annual plant managers' meetings were great learning experience. Good MRP systems, which helped with timely review of KPI's. Invested in hiring good employees.
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Long hours and toxic environment

Management seems nice but truly they are unprofessional and unsupportive. If you don't belong to the old timers then you are marked. Don't waste time working there.
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great work place

I spent half of my life working there and raised my family.It was a good reliable place to work with excellent pay and benefits.I enjoyed working with alot of great people over the years.
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It's an okay place

It's a fast pace hot environment, you don't mind the heat it's not a bad place. The management are nice people and fairly easy to work with. It's not a bad work place if you can work at a face pace.
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great place to work

i loved it here, line work at a solid pace, sometimes could get over whelming.. but you always knew what you were doing and everything was explained very well.
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productive enjoying work but too much noice

enjoying working as a team member. hard part is too much noice of machines at work also too much heat of machines inside production area where i use to work.

Points positifs

free coffee, paid lunch time.

Points négatifs

too much heat and too much machine noices
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Mauser Canada

A typical day at work consisted of invoicing, inputting orders, corresponding with customers, and managing the plant manufacturing schedule. I learned that i really enjoyed the manufacturing aspect of this position, and that I adapt very quick to a completely different environment that what I was used to. Management was consistent and fair. I had a wide range of co-workers that I was lucky to have worked with as a team. The hardest part of this job was scheduling the manufacturing. The most enjoyable was everything else.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

long hours
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people are great to work with

quick meeting..learn the schedule for the day ...formans orgianze where people are needed whine (in all good fun as to where there starting there day)..quick change overs..getting the job done right

Points positifs

the people lunches

Points négatifs

long hours
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-Machine repair of production equipment . -Repair machines with no part on hand. -No help from management or day shift co-workers. -Working with the boss that doesn't know his job . -Working with great co-worker on shift . .
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Fun and freindly workplace

From day one you felt like you were part of the company. It was a good company to work for.

Points positifs

friendly and helpful employees

Points négatifs

short term position
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