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Les meilleures questions spécifiques à l'entreprise Maurices :
  • Comment décririez-vous l'environnement de travail et la culture d'entreprise?
  • Quels sont les horaires de travail?
  • Quels sont les quelques conseils pour réussir l'entretien?

11 questions

Most employees just want to be acknowledged and appreciate..

Réponse du 23 août 2019

I’m not sure the amount we legally got actually, whenever I was sick my manager was really understanding and they worked amazing to get shifts covered.

Réponse du 29 septembre 2019

Wont be one if they dont change their outlook on the company, and keep expecting every person who walks in the store to drop $200+ dollars on one outfit

Réponse du 30 mai 2019

The most challenging part of my role at Maurices is stepping out of whatever comfort zone you may have and learning things a new way.

Réponse du 14 mars 2020

Wear something fashion forward and in season and push customer service and team selling.

Réponse du 18 août 2019

You can only take up to 9 days off at a time, any longer then that you need to get approved for a Leave of Absence.

Réponse du 30 mai 2019
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