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What sort of dress code/uniform did you have to follow? (leggings a yes/no?)

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Dark clothing.

Réponse du - Seasonal Sales Associate (Former Employee) - Saskatoon, SK

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Standard business casual

Réponse du - Store Manager (Current Employee) - Saskatoon, Sask

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NO LEGGINGS! Black pants, not jeans. Black durable shoes (all black runners or sneakers or even dress shoes will do) and a shirt with the sleeve being at least 3 inches wide.

Réponse du - SALES ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) - Edmonton, AB

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Leggings were not allowed unless worn under a dress or a long tunic top with lots of coverage of the behind. No blue jeans as they are considered too casual (but nice black jeans are OK), no sweatpants, no yoga pants or other stuff that looks like gym clothes, nothing ripped/torn/full of holes, no shorts, skirts or dresses that are shorter than the apron you will wear (basically knee-length to be on the safe side), nothing see-through and no visible bras, no spaghetti straps or strapless/halter/backless stuff (you can wear a sleeveless top or tank top but it has to be fairly thick to cover most of your shoulder and cover your bra straps). Nothing offensive or adult on t-shirt logos of course (like swearing or drinking). They also told us at one point that we should not dye our hair unnatural colours as it didn't fit the family/child-focused environment but I am not sure if they ended up actually enforcing that...

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