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Shipper/Receiver17 avis
Canada17 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great place to work

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Enjoy my job been promoted twice in the past year. Love the product the environment and fellow employees. Management is great. Fun place to work. Have had 2 promotions within the year. Love love my job
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Co-Workers are amazing

NO PROS any more, The hardest part is that Management is unfair and does not listen. The Co-workers are great though. The only thing good about this job is the people I work and I have tried to get ahead but everyone they hire makes more money than I do and I have been here awhile.

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Points négatifs

Lots!, Management
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Management is incredible but salary isn't enough

As far as retail goes it's the best retail environment I've ever worked. Management is fantastic at the Clarkson Crossing location. If the pay was better I'd stay permanently.
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Not happy

I worked for this company for 2 years and was forced out by my boss. Now I am fighting the labour board to get paid for hours that were put in as a wcb claim that I was never on. Love the company the manager not so much.
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shipper/ receiver pluses and minuses

Full time employment took 3 years to accomplish, with far too much added responsibilities. Unfortunately, the workplace culture led to mental burnout. The rewards and perks came at too big of a price. Enjoyed the customers, co-workers, and had a great Store Operator.
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Mark's Work wear House

I enjoyed working for Mark's because of overall experience was great had a great manager at the time I was there . Co-workers was there to help out new workers and show them the ropes.

Points positifs

Great place to work
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Was an ok place to work

Its a good clean retail store, the coworkers are good, the management wasn't great to deal with always. Good hours, not a great wage, fairly flexible with schedules.
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great place to work if good management

How can you Deliver exceptional customer service including providing product knowledge to your customers , when the manager is very bad , hides in the stock room and don't care about customers or the staff... I was not happy to work there when we got a different manager and the district manager doesn't care about any staff . no respect
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Fun place to work

Mostly top down management. Great staff and management to work with at store level. Canadian Tire Corp. has ultimate say in everything but can be a fun place to work. Mostly positive customer base.

Points positifs

Nice people

Points négatifs

No real raises unless you are promoted to AM or SGM
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Has been a great employer for 8 years

Ive been with Marks since 2010, have grown and developed many valuable skills and attributes over the years. I worked in two dofferent stores, and enjoyed my time at both.
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Fun place to work

Lots of knowledge to gain and enjoyable atmosphere Many repeat customers and staff was always very helpful. Many skills to be learned, from cash to folding to leaning about safety wear
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Productive place work

I started at Mark's Workwearhouse as a sales associate. As part of a team we were responsible for receiving and processing merchandise before we put the merchandise on the floor. Shortly after I started at Mark's I was asked if I wanted to assume the role of shipper/receiver. My main responsibility was to check the bills of ladings and make sure the information was accurate. I was also in charge of two stockrooms. They had to be cleaned and organized at all times. The month before inventory I had to make sure that the inventory application on my computer was correct. This involved going back over the bills of lading and double if not triple checking them. The day of inventory I had to be in the store two hours before the inventory and stay until management was satisfied that inventory was complete

Points positifs

realtionship with customer or guests
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Great people but that is about it

No benefit unless you're management. No vacation pay, people are awesome. Good discount but it is limited. Love my job wish it paid much better.

Points positifs

good discount

Points négatifs

pay sucks, no benefits, no vacation pay (biweekly pay out)
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Good Workplace I enjoyed it

I enjoyed working at Mark's really helped me grow as a person wanting to work in the retail world and gave me the experience I do know that makes me comfortable working and being in a team environment. It also help me realize my strengths and weaknesses and helped me improve and better them as an associate.

Points positifs

positive enviorment
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not bad

was a really good job when i started, the by the end of my five years, they got bought out , then they started switching managers every month then every body on the team started to leave one by one, then i was left to basically run the floor and back room by myself and that led to a nervous break down
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Productive and fun workplace with friendly employees

I thoroughly enjoyed working for Mark's because I was able to do other tasks other than just my job description. My favourite part of the job was helping customers because I knew I had contributed to a sale and also helped someone find exactly what they needed. I learned a lot about shipping and receiving, presentation of the store, and how to treat customers well. The management was for the most part was great, but there were a lot of organizational problems that took place. The stock room was always a mess with too much stock in the room because of a closure of another store. We had too much stock so none of it could go out in the store to sell. The hardest part of the job was doing everything very quickly. With the certain circumstances we were always crunched for time and I work much better when I know the quality of my work is good. The most enjoyable part of the job was the team that works at Mark's. All of the employees were very welcoming and open to ask questions and I felt like I had a lot of guidance during my work period. My co workers were what made the job more enjoyable.

Points positifs

Safe and productive environment to work in.

Points négatifs

Unorganized, and dishonest.
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Learned a lot

Nice management, fine pay, not too busy, not many staff. co-workers all became friends, and we still keep in contact. Hardest part on the job is not enough staff on the weekends. Most enjoyable part of job get to see all the new fashion trends for different seasons. I was the first guy to see it! I was the stock receiver.
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