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un très belle endroit l’équipe me manque j'ai adorer travailler la .

Points positifs

des bon souper avec tout l'équipes

Points négatifs

n'avais pas asser d'heur
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Reputable company, learn a lot, high expectations

During the pandemic period, working at Mark's was quite involved with a lot of cleaning, continually changing policies and procedures. Always new things to learn, high expectations of employees. Busy environment most of the time. Great discount on their quality products.

Points positifs

working for reputable brand, great discount on products

Points négatifs

always need to be busy without a breather, high performance expectations always
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Low pay

The work is interesting, lotsOf different tasks great co-workers. Salary position and not enough hours mean often working long hours and salary isn’t high enough to make the hours worth it
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Excellent place to work

Working at Mark's has been an incredibly positive experience for me. The environment here is both dynamic and supportive, fostering a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among employees.From day one, I felt welcomed and valued by my colleagues and management. There's a strong emphasis on collaboration, with everyone working together towards common goals. Whether it's assisting customers or tackling tasks behind the scenes, there's always a spirit of cooperation that makes the workday enjoyable.Moreover, Mark's is committed to fostering professional growth and development among its employees. I've had opportunities to expand my skills and take on new challenges, thanks to the support and encouragement from management.Overall, the working environment at Mark's is conducive to success and personal fulfillment. It's a place where hard work is recognized and rewarded, and where employees are empowered to thrive and excel in their roles.
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Decent place to work

Been working here for a few years now and I like it. However, during the first months of the new year where every thing is slow youre probably not gonna get as much hours as you'd expect. Other than that I llike the people I work with.
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  • Capacité à atteindre des objectifs personnels
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  • Soutien du responsable

Fun place to work

You’ll meet a lot of great people, time is easy to get off. Pay however is not bumped up with time - new employees are getting paid the same wage you worked towards.
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Not the best experience I’ve had

I didn’t have the best experience at Marks as the management team wasn’t very strong and It turned into a toxic environment fairly quickly. It was a good place to work for a short time and you got paid minimum wage. Overall, I really liked the layout and the responsibilities I had, but I would never return not even to shop.

Points positifs

Great store layout, good and easy responsibilities

Points négatifs

Toxic management
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Stressful Place to work at

This is my first job , it was good in the beginning but now they swamp people with work, I am expected to do work of 3 people alone. No clear communication . Everyone's trying to be the boss here. Shift leaders want to micromanage everything.
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Beware of this company!

This is a long review but it gives you an idea what the experience was like working at the Oakville Place (originally Kerr St) location. In theory, Mark’s Warehouse is a great place to work. They promote that inclusivity and diversity is important. In my interview, I mentioned how I value these things and would love to work somewhere where fairness and equality is valued as well, understanding what people’s skills are and how they can improve. Being someone who is incredibly dedicated and an experienced individual with a strong background in management. I joined Mark's Warehouse with 5-6 years of management experience under my belt, ready to take on a shift leader role. Unfortunately, my experience at the company was far from ideal.From the start, I faced a lack of appropriate training due to the opening of a new location. This lack of guidance made it challenging for me to excel in my role. To make matters worse, it seemed like certain individuals with more experience were being favored by management, leaving those with less experience feeling neglected.Communication from management was lacking, with no feedback or guidance given to help myself and others improve in their role. Additionally, the strict restrictions on talking with coworkers hindered the formation of healthy relationships within the team.During the preparation of the new store, I was faced with hostility/harassment from the visual merchandisers when I was simply trying to help my coworkers with certain tasks. Despite speaking up, explaining my actions, I was still seen as "difficult" by my manager, - 

Points positifs

Good coworkers, benefits/discounts are mid, m

Points négatifs

Poor pay, poor management, lack of training, favouritism, discrimination, horrible Managers
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an okay experience

the manager was fine but the shift leaders were a bit of micromanagers. i was also never really trained for cash. overall a decent first job experience
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Good management

The management was good, I loved both my managers. They cared about staff and made the environment easy to work in. Staff was good, everyone got along. The issue was higher management. They put so many restrictions during my 10 month period there on smaller stores and expected us to work without issues while renovations were being made while the store was open. Extremely short staffed which led to many complaints and verbal abuse that was never once addressed by head office.
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Very good

I enjoy working here, the staff are very great and the management is very good and helpful, the job is pretty okay similar to other retail jobs!!!!!!!!
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It was great working here but supervisors and boss brought there issues to work and was grumpy with everyone.

What is the best part of working at the company?Just the staff and there help.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The supervisors yelling at youWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Good clean well organized everything is maintained.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Dealing with customers and cash cleaning and putting away clothing from change rooms.
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Extremely stressful and unprofessional environment.

What is the best part of working at the company?Management is never around. Employees can work anyway they like. Very independent job.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Zero support. Long shifts no breaks. Half hour breaks are removed from punchcard but forced to work eight hours straight.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Extremely stressful. No support from management.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Work alone. Management and their favourites hid in back room gossiping and smoking.
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Bad Management and Policies

Not only do they have very poor training policies, management constantly was violating the privacy of its staff and inconsistent in their punishment (it was very obvious there were different standards for different people). Overall a very toxic place to work, I would say it's very similar to highschool, with rumors and gossip always spreading.
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One of the Worst Upper Managements I've Ever Worked For

-Disorganized Company, would send far too much product for the small space we were given-Negative criticism constantly, no positive feedback-No chance to move up or acquire higher wages based on work ethic or time with the company-The absolute worst District Manager I've ever had the displeasure of working on.-Refuses to staff their locations, so a 3-6 million dollar store will only have 2-4 workers to run the whole thing. Everyone is spread too thin.-Training programs are worthless-The company pushes for changes that don't make sense on a local store level, and you are punished even if the request isn't possibleI'd never work for this company again and I feel bad for anyone still stuck in it to this day. Get a job here if you do not care about the job and are fine getting scalded on a regular basis from the higher ups
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Great Experience

I had great exposure to a variety of tasks through marks which made me gain crucial experience to advance my customer service skills. I would rate working there as 5 stars.
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Fun and dedicated workplace

-Through my years working here managment was nothing but helpful and supportive in all aspects. Great place to work offering flexible hours and good pay.
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Fun workplace

Great place to work and deal with people . You meet wonderful people and can undertand various factors for engagement. Great undertandinh of things andn
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Growth opportunities

I always feel encouraged to work to my potential and learn new skill sets. Lots of opportunity for growth, those that show effort and care will get promoted.
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Good but to much for the retail space to handle.

Good edu and training but ALOT due to the amount of promotions, security & safety when they got bought out. out so it's bit overwhelming and over kill for sr. And jr. Staff. Just trying to do far to much in such a small environment. Good team environment though and good communication.
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