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un très belle endroit l’équipe me manque j'ai adorer travailler la .

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des bon souper avec tout l'équipes

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n'avais pas asser d'heur
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Fast-paced, high expectations, but mediocre experience.

Mark's is an overall typical clothing retail store that sets itself apart by selling consumer goods catered towards those who work in the outdoor and trades fields. This overall is a pleasant experience as you are helping those who are genuinely in need of clothes, equipment, and safety wear for work. However, in my years of work with the company, I feel the issue lies in the slowly increasing strictness of rules being put in place against the workers. This is often corporate decisions and despite the higher expectations, there isn't any compensation such as pay increases or comissions. More often than not, the rules put in place doesnt neccessarily even benefit the customers and leaves you as the worker feeling a lack of freedom or disingenuous when interacting and helping others. Additionally, management can be hit or miss depending on location from my experience.

Points positifs

Fast-paced, diverse team, inclusion, good entry job

Points négatifs

Management, increasing expectations, corporate influence, pay
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Always able to keep busy

Management isn’t the best except for a few are good. However if you like to keep busy at work there is always something for you to work on. Some coworkers do try to pawn work onto you when they feel overwhelmed. It is a fast paced environment for the most part. Some days can be slow. If you get a job here just make sure you are willing to put in the effort and work hard
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Good for Part Time

Generally a pretty chill place to work. Recently, head office has been putting some procedures in place that are counter-intuitive and there's not really any place to talk about it. Retail is retail though, so shift flexibility is required. Amazing discount though.
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Very location specific

I worked for a few years at one location and loved it ! After YEARS of retail, it should out as a great place to work. Then I relocated and the different location was terrible. A few really great co workers weren't enough to make putting up with the narcissistic manager, dropping hours, no creative input and lack of advancement worth staying.
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Fun Workplace

I enjoy the people I worked with and the management was supportive. You get 40 percent discount benefit. But difficult to get full time hours and no benefits.
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Bad management

I liked my coworkers, the job wasn’t hard but the management was awful. Management cares more about ensuring the time off they want is covered rather than employees working manageable hours. Management takes advantage of PT employees who need the money and can’t afford to refuse shifts by scheduling them unfairly to get the days off/shifts they want. So much gossip, management was the worst for it (at multiple locations). There was always drama with something. HR shared confidential information of complaints against a manager with that manager, which lead to terrible treatment of the staff who complained. Lots of favouritism, promise of promotions to get you to work harder, only for it to be given to someone who started years after you. District manager was rude and would barely make eye contact with employees other than management and acted better than everyone. Management would decline every time off request, and then call you aside to ask why you need the time off, lie and say others already had the time booked (even if no one did). Management also would schedule older workers once every 2 weeks for 3 hour shifts hoping that they would quit because they were “too slow” but had no legal grounds to let them go. Terrible place to work, your peace of mind is not worth it for minimum wage. I’ve worked at nearly a dozen different retail stores and this place was by FAR the worst.

Points positifs

Good store discount, good coworkers depending on location

Points négatifs

Terrible management, gossip, little room for growth, not worth the pay, long hours, hard to get time off
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It's good short term

Your coworkers become like family but management only cares about sales and cutting hours to save money. Sometimes you have only one person on the floor running back and forth, trying to help customers while also cleaning and putting out stock. It's a good part time job while looking for something else or if you're trying to get into corporate.
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Great for part time student

Great flexibility and hours when I worked as a student. It’s alright if you want to get a job somewhere quickly but I wouldn’t recommend working here full time. Pay is horrible and you have to deal with lots of B.S
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Enjoy pushing Mastercards? Then you might enjoy working at Mark's!

You would have to deal with a lot of customers (most of the time), online orders, phones, changing ad signage, incoming shipments/restocking and general cleaning and refolding of clothing. The company is very enthusiastic about acquiring new Mastercard applications. So much so, that there is a $20-$40 incentive to employees that manage to get an approve application that is used by the applicant. If you can't get applications you might get a lot of re training and motivation talks from management. If you are a team leader you will have to deliver said motivation talks, be responsible for cash/deposit, deal with badly behaved customers, make sure assigned work is getting done + all the duties mentioned above. They don't promote within so if you start on cash you won't be move to keyholder.

Points positifs

Can make extra money by getting Mastercard sign ups

Points négatifs

Minimum wage, no benefits, part time, very low hours available January and February (ex: 10 hours worked in two weeks), can't move upp
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I was yelled at every day. And told to do one thing then by another manager told to do another. They need to take a look at management. I was yelled at for things I didn’t do but I sat there and took it til I couldn’t take it anymore.
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I learned a lot of things from Mark’s .For instance how to provide best customer service , how to tackle the customer problems , etc.

I think Mark’s is a good place to work. As I mentioned in earlier in review summary that I learned a lot of knowledge customer service , solving the problems of customers , managing operations related to cash and how to manage staff .
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Loved everyone I worked with. I was young it was great learning experience. Interesting to learn what it’s like having to work for money .

I learned the men’s work ware so it was a lot of fun. I was a social butterfly and in no time I knew every coverall we sold in our store and online only . Great time ,.I loved it at Marks was like one big happy family.
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Good place to work with good people

I had a good experience working there. Management wants to help you exceed and the staff is very nice. The only bad thing is the Christmas rush, everything gets nuts in there.
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Stressful with no support from management

Expectations change every three minutes, there is no training, and if you’re a good worker you will be taken advantage of. I watched multiple people walk out during their shifts because the training is non existent and you will be chastised for not knowing what you haven’t been told. The associates who work there are great, but you will receive no support from management when it comes to dealing with customers. Also be prepared to get in trouble for not wanting to tackle shoplifters or physically rip things out of their hands. The owner is awful, he doesn’t come around too much but he will watch the cameras from home constantly.
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Amazing for students

This job is a great place to work while in school, the shifts are very flexible and the place is managed and ran very smoothly. The staff are all amazing people who support you and take being a good coworker to a bother level.

Points positifs

Great team, good for students

Points négatifs

Sometimes slow (Boring)
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Supportive staff

laid-back environment with supportive and informative staff. not a crazy amount of hours but opportunities to earn bonuses if you are good at selling the Mastercard (small bonus for every Mastercard you sign someone up for)
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Management sucks, but love my coworkers

The job is very fast-paced, with a lot of customers asking you for help every 5 minutes. Management is very iffy, especially one of them. They definitely have their favourite employees, and if you aren't one of those people then it will be way harder for you to get praise or anything like that. Working cash is really the only highlight, and my coworkers are absolutely lovely.
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Bad work

Decent people to work with thought the pay will be better but it was decent place to story the journey I don’t recommend staying here long as it is more of a start up job
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Fun and Simple

Very easy to pick up management is awesomenot a lot of mind boggling workHonestly is a very fun place to work you get to work different positions and has a very good flow
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Decent work environment, a number of benefits

Fair pay for the work, a number of opportunities for advancement. Good discounts on clothes and other products. Somewhat competitive environment, but coworkers are friendly.
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