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What should you wear to an interview at Mark's?

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  • Business casual.

  • Dressy casual. Dress appropriately for the job your are interviewing for. For men- suits are not exactly needed, khakis and a nice dress shirt would do. Women- some kind of dress pant or chino paired with a nice blouse (not see through, and not too low cut) and appropriate shoes (Leave the stilettos at home).

    Take it easy on the makeup and perfume for obvious reasons & avoid wearing jeans at all costs (too casual). Remember, this is still a job interview.

    You want to greet them and leave them with a positive image to go along with your discussed skills.

  • Present yourself well. Be professional and friendly. Wearing business casual clothing is generally a good idea.

  • Casual outfit

  • Workplace casual is fine. For men, jeans or casual pants and shirt is fine. For women, casual pants and top, skirts, what you would probably call dress casual. Take a look at what the other associates are wearing. That way you'll look the part. Closed toe shoes should be worn as that is part of the dress code.

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