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Baker (Employé actuel) –  Sudbury22 mars 2014
Working for Marek Hospitality is a really good company to work for. They're friendly and always make sure that everyone's needs and concerns are addressed in a professional manner. However there is a lot of drama involved with the staff out in the front that serves the customers which I find to be unprofessional and probably the hardest part of the job because there is no excuse for grown ups to be acting like children.
The management team for this company is probably one of the best management teams i have ever worked under. They make work fun and enjoyable and do not take sides for anyone on anything.
The company that I work for is called Marek Hospitality and they own the Tim Hortons in the hospital in Sudbury and every Wednesday there is this elderly man that comes into the Tim Hortons in the hospital and orders 12 cinnamon buns each and every time. When he comes into the Tim Hortons line up and I see him in line I make sure that this man knows that I seen him and acknowledged him and turn around and go to the kitchen and make him twelve fresh cinnamon buns just for him. The smile on his face because somebody took the time to make his visit that much more enjoyable and probably the best part of my work day.
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free food
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