Maple Leaf Consumer Foods
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Si vous deviez quitter Maple Leaf Consumer Foods, quelle en serait la raison?

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The long terms dammages that this job can do to your physical health!!!

The stress and the pain it has caused to my body....also finding a company that actually cares about their employees because this one doesn't.They make people come into work on crutches and just sit there for their shift so they don't look bad to the compensation board. There have been many injuries and heart attack deaths at work. :((

Because it is a better opportunity for me and my family

Poor senior management, micromanagement of all work..planners asking others "what is the plan??" ...fighting amongst SALARIED crew, no unity, preferential treatment of "older/senior who lack knowledge" salaried crew. Refusal to act as a team and get unproductive unionized crew out, Poor record keeping, useless data keeping, entertaining non valued added work from stakeholders who do not have experience in plant,inability to assign shift changes to all team leads.

Plant closure

Advancement career

Every aspect of this job is substandard. With the potential of being so much better. You will be treated unfairly enough times and get frustrated enough to leave.

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