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Not a good place to work at
Driver (Ancien employé) –  Hinton, AB12 septembre 2019
The company itself is not that bad, the problem in Hinton is the manager, he will make you do all the work as he sits in jasper all day with only a few drops, he’s a sneaky man, meaning, if he don’t like you he will make your life rough, the pay isn’t the best, I personally have never seen a boss treat and backstab ppl the way he does, I have left awhile ago and he still puts me and a lot of other ppl down, he should not be the manager at this particular place of employment, I have seen it first hand and was part of it till he started on hating me, I was there for sometime, I do warn all that is thinking of applying.....look elsewhere, the other ppl there are great to work with, it’s just him. There is no team there, it’s all about what works for him, he’s a working manager that doesn’t like to help. The lies were to much for me. I also know, me posting this will get his little head thinking of ways to ruin me. Something has to stop there. Trust me on this ppl, I know first hand. Lol, if you get injured, (which is very easy), he won’t talk to you or ask if you are ok, makes it look like it was your fault, ignores you for weeks. So if you like to be backstabbed, put down, or even ignored, apply, I am not a disgruntled ex employee, I have seen a lot when I was there, best thing that ever happened to me was leaving.
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