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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Decent Job

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The job itself isn’t too bad if you’re familiar with food service. They make you do online training at home on your own time and don’t compensate you for it (took about 3-4 hours to complete) which I didn’t love. Overall if you cook at home, or just have a general sense of how to get around a kitchen, you’ll be fine on the job.

Points positifs

Free meal on breaks, paid weekly

Points négatifs

unpaid online training
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Fun place to work!

I really enjoy my job with Mad Radish. It is great interacting with friendly customers and the food is to die for (even though it's healthy). It can definitely be challenging at times but that's also what makes it rewarding. I am proud to be part of this company which also thinks about things like the environment with all compostable packaging.

Points positifs

great food, free shift meals

Points négatifs

fast paced during lunch but makes time fly by
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I’ve had some pretty bad jobs but this one takes the cake. Cant remember the last time I had a shift where someone didn’t cry. Awful workplace environment. When I started this job I was so in love with it but it was way too bad for my mental health.

Points positifs

Good hours, Good food

Points négatifs

Bad work environment, Constantly working under pressure
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Proud to work here

Positive, fast-paced work environment, I have learned so much here! And I love that they only use compostable packaging and donate to local food banks. The salads and bread are so tasty too, I am really proud to tell people I work here. They also seem to be opening lots of new stores, so there is lots of room to grow if you want to make this your career!

Points positifs

Nice uniform, Delicious food, Great values

Points négatifs

Can be very fast paced at lunch!
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Great place to work

-Great environment and culture, team loves working together. -Management is friendly -Lots of growth opportunities -Lots of employees perks, free uniforms, free meals, discounted merchandise, paid weekly, etc.

Points positifs

Free food and good environment

Points négatifs

Need to be comfortable working in fast environment
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Amazing place to work with amazing food!

Mad Radish is a huge opportunity to improve your skills! It's a fun environment with nice energy! Everybody is really amazed by the concept created...the company is focused not just in health food but the customer experience and our environment (all the bowls and cutlery are compostable). It's a wonderful place to start and grow up! How is the food? It's absolutely amazing!!! I'm really lucky to have the opportunity to work for a company so passionate to make people happy!! I'm totally happy and motivated to learn every day more and more!

Points positifs

Fun and friendly environment

Points négatifs

I can stop thinking in their amazing cookies and vegan brownie! 😊
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Amazing place to work at

Very friendly coworkers and management recognizes & celebrates hard work. Working here as a first job is a great experience. Also, let's not forget that the food is amazing and you get a free lunch per shift :D

Points positifs

Free lunch, discounts on days off

Points négatifs

Small hours
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Not recommended

Senior management has no clue what they’re doing and doesn’t take input. Favouritism is the lead cause of promotion. Very negative work environment. I wouldn’t even recommend them as a first job
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Just don’t

Worst job I have ever had. The work environment is so unhealthy and unorganized. Management has no loyalty to employees and they beat around the bush when it comes to concerns you have. They do not listen.

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Points négatifs

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Toxic environment

Very toxic environment to work in. Huge turnover of people while I was there. Including there "headchef" absolutely no training. Overworked and underpaid.

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Points négatifs

Over worked
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Fun work place for the young

I loved it, fun and easy atmosphere. Learned how to make great salads and adopted a healthy eating habit. Also such a fun bunch of people to work with.

Points positifs

Free Lunches

Points négatifs

Short Hours
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