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Shift Manager9 avis
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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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It's good to work with the employees, fun and easy to understand

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Good to work with them, fun and easy to understand the menus, its just that some managers doesnt care about the expiration dates and if someone will tell them to throw it because it is expired that person will be in some trouble. Honestly i dont want to serve something that isnt good. And they are giving us less hours than expected.
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14 février 2022
Hi there,Thank you so much for sharing your feedback. We're terribly sorry that you didn't receive as many hours as expected, it's been so tough to predict schedules given pandemic related sales fluctuations. Regarding managers not respecting expiry dates, this is a very serious transgression with real health and safety considerations and we're shocked that you witnessed this! We'd like to follow up with the manager in question and would greatly appreciate if you could reach out to us at hello@madradish.com with more details. I'm one of the co-founders and I look after that inbox so you can be assured that there will be an immediate and serious follow up. Thanks so much,Stephanie

Horrible place to work

0 training at all my first couple shifts I was a higher position than other employees when asking questions to my boss was told to ask staff who didn't know because they weren't trained, the amount of work expected go work at a reap restaurant, they cut corners on things that you end up paying 20 plus for a bowl of cabbage and greens rice and if your lucky a bit of extra toppings worst training I have ever experienced in my life almost 2 decades of full time work never have I been not trained how to do more than one or two things by the gm do not work here
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Exhausting job environment

Job duties-Ordering-Opening/Closing duties-Prep, cooking, cleaning (usual fast food tasks)- Running around to other locations and grocery stores for stock. -Overseeing staff who did not want to be there.During my time at MR we had multiple GM's come through and none of them lasted. The operations manager at the time had unreasonable expectations for the pay given and brought an insanely negative attitude to the workplace. In my 4 months there we could not keep any staff past their probationary period. The menu was all over the place and difficult to execute at times. I would not recommend working here.

Points positifs

Free food

Points négatifs

Poor management, no workplace culture, turnover is high even for fast food.
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Bad Company, Awful Managers, and Terrible Workplace

When I was offered a role at Mad Radish, I was super excited! Seemed like a great, local company that offered flexible hours, close-knit workers relationships, and great opportunities. If that's the job you're looking for, heed my advice: run while you can.My time at Mad Radish is what I imagine dogs that used to sniff out land mines felt like. Everywhere you seem to step, it blows up in your face. Initially hired, you are asked to do hours of training modules, without pay. That was something I was willing to overlook. Then, I got my hours - as a student, I had asked for 15 to 20 hour work weeks, so I could keep atop my classes. Very quickly, I was thrown into 40+ hour workweeks in a terrible store that had no compassion or understanding for training new onboards, describing routines and policies, or even giving you basic respect. My fourth shift I left the store crying.Despite this, I stayed on and was promoted to a Manager position very rapidly. Sound's great, you're thinking! And I thought so too... until I realized I was essentially being forced to do extra hours of work (on top of what was already expected of me - which is a lot), manage and train new staff (while lacking proper training myself) and also run the store open to close somewhere in the meantime. Needless to say, a lot of pressure for someone who wanted a 15/20 hour workweek. I also came to find out the company has a history of not offering raises with this position. Sounds like exploitation of labour to me. This lifestyle - this COMPANY - is simply not sustainable.This also does not mention the way I - 

Points positifs

made one (1) friend

Points négatifs

Long hours, terrible managment, unfulfilling, challenging, stressful
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We have a fun team in the store

There are moments when we have to move fast, but it's not difficult. I like to be in a fast pace environment where the time flies instead of getting board. My team is a lot of fun and the mangers keep coming back with different type of competitions to win gift cards. I got Starbucks gift card once and then a visa card. We didn't have that in the previous workplace.

Points positifs

Fun, opportunity to get extra money

Points négatifs

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Worst company

The managers are lazy and just keep bully team members. They always schedule short staff to save labour which makes team members super tired because they have to run around like crazy.Worst company ever!

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Bullied by managers
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I loved working there

I loved working there and the team and management were great. Always coming with new ideas so they can improve. A lot of comments here about how bad the environment is, but if you are the wrong person for the job, don't expect to be happy. This is fast food, not your typical 9-5 that a lot of people wanted to get after joining. I was there for over a year and I've never seen anyone had problems if they wanted to do the job or get a promotion.

Points positifs

Free lunch, recognition from manager, flexible schedule

Points négatifs

Pay until you get promotion
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I would give 0 stars

Awful unorganized toxic work environment trying to do much in terms of menu that nothing gets done well. They preach eco friendly but could be doing a lot more in the back of house. They will tell every staff they are working on their development so they can load on extra responsibilities and never pay them more or promote the. Really high turnover the mangers are mostly new and incompetent .

Points positifs

Food is alright

Points négatifs

Culture, management
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Best place to work and eat

I love this place! I was a customer first, and now I get to work here. They are fantastic at what they do, and everything is so fresh and clean. My coworkers are great, and we are having fun together. Lunchtime is crazy though, everyone needs to be super fast, but I feel like everyone is doing great and we help each other.

Points positifs

Good working hours/ no late nights, very involved and understanding management, growth opportunities, free food

Points négatifs

No parking around my location, short shifts sometimes
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