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Hit or miss management with little hours given

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Interview was surprisingly easy. I did a lot of research on the company and practice some interview questions but it was not even necessary to get the job. Like any other fast food restaurants, you are expected to work fast and getting paid minimum wage. Some managers are nice but some are just nitpicking and irresponsible. I have many closing shifts with this manager who does absolutely nothing except starting at her cell phone then blame me for not being able to get off work early because I "work too slow" when in reality its because she was making me do all the work that she was supposed to do. But, some managers do give out free food even if you do not work more than 5 hours.

Points positifs

Free meal if you work more than five hours, work-life balance

Points négatifs

Poor management, little hours given
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Great place to work

You learn alot if things fast paced, managers and team leads are supportive and teach. Flexible hours. Wage is good. Holiday bonus okay. different locations you can work from.

Points positifs

Free lunches
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A fun and interesting company to gain experience in the food industry. Rewarding and progressive career opportunities.

Mad Radish has great food and standards. It is similar to any other fast food or gourmet fast food place in the type of work.The training is online and in house and very comprehensive - you even need to do one module before coming to your first shift, it is easy and sets you up well.The work is fast paced and not difficult. You need a good amount of energy.All staff get mixed tasks, which include serving, prepping and cooking the food and cleaning in quiet time. The standards are high but the prep work is made very easy using the simplest recipes.As a team member you are paid fairly and if you are seen to be a good worker they do offer payrises!As a shift manager you have more responsibility and are responsible for what happens on your shift, this is recognized in the competitive pay.Mad Radish are great at recognizing talented workers and are constantly promoting staff. Team members to shift managers, shift managers to AGMs and AGMs to GMs. So it is a great place to work if you are looking for career advancement in the industry.It is a great place to meet new people and the staff are all so helpful!

Points positifs

Free lunches, good atmosphere, great food, great experience, opportunities for advancement

Points négatifs

Fast paced - you need to be energetic
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It's good to work with the employees, fun and easy to understand

Good to work with them, fun and easy to understand the menus, its just that some managers doesnt care about the expiration dates and if someone will tell them to throw it because it is expired that person will be in some trouble. Honestly i dont want to serve something that isnt good. And they are giving us less hours than expected.
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Réponse officielle de Mad Radish

14 février 2022
Hi there,Thank you so much for sharing your feedback. We're terribly sorry that you didn't receive as many hours as expected, it's been so tough to predict schedules given pandemic related sales fluctuations. Regarding managers not respecting expiry dates, this is a very serious transgression with real health and safety considerations and we're shocked that you witnessed this! We'd like to follow up with the manager in question and would greatly appreciate if you could reach out to us at with more details. I'm one of the co-founders and I look after that inbox so you can be assured that there will be an immediate and serious follow up. Thanks so much,Stephanie

Worst company

The managers are lazy and just keep bully team members. They always schedule short staff to save labour which makes team members super tired because they have to run around like crazy.Worst company ever!

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Bullied by managers
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People running it are the worst

I had high hopes going in as a manager. Despite promoting a culture of caring, they do not. The corporate team belittles and yells openly at people. They don't have a good grasp of what they are doing and it ends up being hardest for the hourly staff. They hire and fire easily. Some senior team members are inappropriate. The owners should spend more time at locations talking to staff to get a better idea of what is going on.

Points positifs

Good food. Pretty place. Nice staff.

Points négatifs

No support, a lot of blame. Bad company culture and treatment of people.
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Positive work environment with opportunity to grow

I've been working with the company for several months and I'm genuinely surprised and delighted by how the management team empowers their staff. I've been given many opportunities to learn new skills and to sharpen my existing ones. Start-up culture isn't for the faint of heart, so the work environment requires you to come equipped with hustle, grit and a can-do attitude. There will be times when you'll be asked to do tasks that might not necessarily align with your job title, but don't get discouraged. If you possess the mindset of working towards the 'bigger picture', then this is the company for you. The pay off is worth it! It's a wonderful company with endless potential.
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Good start up company

Good workplace with chill environment and the management is okayish. Sometimes, they are a bit hard on you but I guess that is situation everywhere. Overall I would say it is a good place to start with and get experience and if you like it you can take an advancement there.
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So this place sucked.

They paint themselves out to be this amazing company that takes care of their employees. Here's the thing though, they really don't care about you. The hours are awful, at the end of my short time there I'd get two-hour shifts, and then stopped getting any at all. Manager yelled at us over little things. The people I got to work with were awesome though.
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Réponse officielle de Mad Radish

14 novembre 2019
Thank you for your feedback - and thank you for sharing your time with us at Mad Radish. We're sorry that you didn't feel valued as a Team member. We agree that there is room for improvement where scheduling is concerned and it can put additional pressure on our teams for more hours. Our Leadership team is working hard to restore the balance by exercising more discernment when it comes to our hiring and scheduling practices. We are grateful for the dedication our Team Members show by being patient with us through these changes. If you would like to share any further insights, please feel free to confidentially email us at

Productive but dangerous

All of the coworkers were on task and friendly for the most part. Unfortunately, however, management was unorganized and did not follow many safety regulations.

Points positifs

Free lunches

Points négatifs

Safety regulations not followed
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Fun people and free lunch :)

This place is great. My manager is working with us every day and is very patient if we make mistakes. (it's my first job, so I'm not perfect). A lot of opportunities for growth and support from the rest of the team and management. Everyone cares so much about food and customer service. It's nice to feel you are working in a place where the standards are a lot higher than anywhere else. I love my break as they give me free food and it's delicious.

Points positifs

free food (including ice cream), free uniform, growth opportunity, Nights out with the team

Points négatifs

very busy during lunchtime
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Amazing place to work with amazing food!

Mad Radish is a huge opportunity to improve your skills! It's a fun environment with nice energy! Everybody is really amazed by the concept created...the company is focused not just in health food but the customer experience and our environment (all the bowls and cutlery are compostable). It's a wonderful place to start and grow up! How is the food? It's absolutely amazing!!! I'm really lucky to have the opportunity to work for a company so passionate to make people happy!! I'm totally happy and motivated to learn every day more and more!

Points positifs

Fun and friendly environment

Points négatifs

I can stop thinking in their amazing cookies and vegan brownie! 😊
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