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Team Member (Ottawa, ON)
le 21 février 2024
The job itself isn’t too bad if you’re familiar with food service. They make you do online training at home on your own time and don’t compensate you for it (took about 3-4 hours to complete) which I didn’t love. Overall if you cook at home, or just have a general sense of how to get around a kitchen, you’ll be fine on the job.
Team Member (Ottawa, ON)
le 22 août 2023
Enjoyed it good work and good pay they also have a flexible schedule which is good if you’re in school. Sometimes it can be stressful since it’s very demanding
Team Member (Toronto, ON)
le 11 juillet 2023
Interview was surprisingly easy. I did a lot of research on the company and practice some interview questions but it was not even necessary to get the job. Like any other fast food restaurants, you are expected to work fast and getting paid minimum wage. Some managers are nice but some are just nitpicking and irresponsible. I have many closing shifts with this manager who does absolutely nothing...
Team Member (Ottawa, ON)
le 1 juin 2022
The management is so bad. I only worked there for 3 months and the manager changed 3 times cause they either quit or got fired. When I was hired they promised to give me around 25h per week but ended up only scheduling me for 5h a week. Coworkers are nice and theres often free food.
Team Member (Ottawa, ON)
le 23 juin 2021
High management is awful and doesn’t care about the people. Staff is stressed about losing their jobs or losing hours. Not enough people scheduled during busy hours but too many people scheduled during slow hours. GMs are quitting left and right, teenagers are asked to do 40 hours and shift managers do the work of AGMs because of the lack of one.
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