Mad Radish
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Où voyez-vous Mad Radish dans 10 ans?

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  • Little to no loyalty left in the company. If they continue to grow it will be on the backs of many hard-working, but poorly treated staff. But, probably won't last long-term. No one knows what they are doing.

  • I think that they will fall into peril long term with a self serving monster at the helm.

  • They are growing fast, I think they're going to be big!

  • If they continue to treat the people that work for them the way that they will be a bleak future. I will never recommend anyone I know to work for them. They treat with such disrespect. And honestly the food really is not that great. The price range is way to high for what they offer. I see they going under.

  • Hopefully they get a better management team.

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  1. Où voyez-vous Mad Radish dans 10 ans?