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    11 à 50
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    Restaurants et cafés
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Cashier (Ottawa, ON)
le 18 janvier 2022
This company on the lower levels does not care. The CEOs are amazing but the management is a pain. Great coworkers and the quality is amazing but it is an organizational disaster.
Shift Manager (Ottawa, ON)
le 15 septembre 2021
Bad Company, Awful Managers, and Terrible Workplace
When I was offered a role at Mad Radish, I was super excited! Seemed like a great, local company that offered flexible hours, close-knit workers relationships, and great opportunities. If that's the job you're looking for, heed my advice: run while you can.My time at Mad Radish is what I imagine dogs that used to sniff out land mines felt like. Everywhere you seem to step, it blows up in your face. Initially hired, you are asked to do hours of training modules, without pay. That was something I was willing to overlook. Then, I got my hours - as a student, I had asked for 15 to 20 hour work weeks, so I could keep atop my classes. Very quickly, I was thrown into 40+ hour workweeks in a terrible store that had no compassion or understanding for training new onboards, describing routines and policies, or even giving you basic respect. My fourth shift I left the store crying.Despite this, I stayed on and was promoted to a Manager position very rapidly. Sound's great, you're thinking! And I thought so too... until I realized I was essentially being forced to do extra hours of work (on top of what was already expected of me - which is a lot), manage and train new staff (while lacking proper training myself) and also run the store open to close somewhere in the meantime. Needless to say, a lot of pressure for someone who wanted a 15/20 hour workweek. I also came to find out the company has a history of not offering raises with this position. Sounds like exploitation of labour to me. This lifestyle - this COMPANY - is simply not sustainable.This also does not mention the way I was treated in my time there. Consistently I was degraded, belittled, yelled at in front of customers, rushed and entirely whipped by the upper level management. It was embarrassing, infuriating, and ultimately, the final straw that broke the camel's back. I found the first new job that I could, and haven't looked back since.If I could give any advice to new onboards, it's simply this - find a friend and cling to them. You'll need someone to vent with after nearly every shift. Try your best to last as long as you can - and good luck.
Shift Manager (Ottawa, ON)
le 2 septembre 2021
We have a fun team in the store
There are moments when we have to move fast, but it's not difficult. I like to be in a fast pace environment where the time flies instead of getting board. My team is a lot of fun and the mangers keep coming back with different type of competitions to win gift cards. I got Starbucks gift card once and then a visa card. We didn't have that in the previous workplace.
Team Member (Ottawa, ON)
le 23 juin 2021
Great staff but terrible management
High management is awful and doesn’t care about the people. Staff is stressed about losing their jobs or losing hours. Not enough people scheduled during busy hours but too many people scheduled during slow hours. GMs are quitting left and right, teenagers are asked to do 40 hours and shift managers do the work of AGMs because of the lack of one.
Restaurant Shift Manager (Toronto, ON)
le 8 juin 2021
Worst company
The managers are lazy and just keep bully team members. They always schedule short staff to save labour which makes team members super tired because they have to run around like crazy.Worst company ever!

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Publié le 16 mai 2019

Can we work you to death? Can we ignore all your rights as a human being?

Publié le 12 mai 2019

Why do you want to work here, what are companies that you like and why, past work experience and how it would apply to the job

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