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Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez M&M Food Market?

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  • Stage 1: Drop of resume, if not answered continue to check in and make sure to give resume to the manager and not general staff, I found that the staff sometimes don't give the resumes to the manager.

    stage 2: When called in for an interview be sure to know how to answer basic questions concerning customer service. Be ready to be asked trick questions about possible scenarios one might face.

    stage 3: This could happen on the spot. For example, I was hired on the spot but this may not be the case for most M&M's. If not hired on the spot wait for the response and if you've accepted you will be required to come in usually on weekends for training where you will learn how to handle situations, product knowledge, sales technique, and overall just learn about proper and friendly customer service.

    Stage 4 (if not hired) Make sure to reapply possibly at a different location, taking the experience and learning from it. I would recommend looking at the frequently asked questions on this site as well as learning some product knowledge on the M&M Food Market website.

  • Bring in a resume and ask to speak with the store manager or franchisee owner. Be prepared for an on the spot interview and know what your availability is. You are more likely to be hired around Christmas time (Busiest season).

  • Drop off resume at storefront location, introduce oneself to staff/ ask to speak to manager.

  • Apply within

  • Drop off a Resume

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  1. Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez M&M Food Market?