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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Tries to be hip.

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Sort of relaxed but management is chaotic and reactionary. People nice. Projects come in suddenly and can be just as suddenly ended. Generally positive. Company depends on subsidies so this is something I would look at if I were returning, would rather see LYFT with a stronger revenue statement than cities providing subsidies.
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Working with drivers online Most of them were preety nice n respectful...I was able to get the job done n keep them satisfied I miss working for them I wish they didn't transfer it overseas.
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Points forts
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
  • Absence de stress
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  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Capacité à atteindre des objectifs personnels
  • Tâches stimulantes

Not enough to sustain a family

Your are completely independent and free to work as much or as little you want. I find the company is quick to side on the customer without a proper investigation when allegations are made. They seem to follow the ME methodology and we know how that has worked out.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Lack of direct contact with management.
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I don’t recommend any ride sharing company because they don’t care about the drivers. They’re all the same, that be Lyft or Uber or others. The o my good side is that it gives you amazing work/life balance. But it does start getting tedious giving those short rides. If you don’t have others skills then get a hybrid car and keep you head down. Otherwise find something else.

Points positifs

Work/life balance

Points négatifs

Drivers are invisible
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Less productive

Cheeting drivers killometers, they do not respect the drivers. I do not recommend Lyft for anyone to loss their time but that is my perspective only I know how they treat their drivers.

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Points négatifs

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Worst service ever. Waste of time

I was driving Lyft for a year. As per my experience Lyft don’t care about driver they are profit oriented company. They don’t care about how much gas you exhausted and work hard to pick up and drop of passengers. Most of time, I had to drive 6-7km to pick up rider and at the end of that ride just got $3-$5. Not worth to work for Lyft.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Earn less than $7 per hr.
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Waste of time. Do not waste your potential future in this business , work elsewhere they would deactivate your account anytime without any proof. So just find yourself a different job, they only customer focused kind of industry where they have no respect for the drivers!
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Do not waste your potential future in this business , work elsewhere

Do not waste your potential future in this business , work elsewhere they would deactivate your account anytime without any proof so just find yourself a different job, they only customer focused kind of industry where they have no respect for the drivers!
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Very professional and has very professional assistance

Lyft is very professional public and community service Only negative point is very less rates it should be increased Or should be given more benefits
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Less than minimum wage!!! Was not paid TOLL FEES!

I have been driving for Lyft for about a year now, and I can say you will make LESS than the mandated minimum wage here in Ontario. They are aware of this, but do NOT care for the drivers. If you do not believe me, be my guest and try it out for yourself. Once you deduct all expenses and collected HST, your take home is less than minimum. Another reason I am very furious right now as I am writing this today I completed a ride that the toll fee alone was $15. I DID NOT GET PAID FOR THE TOLL!!! I contacted driver support, and they stated that yes they see this and they are not sure why I was not paid the toll. As for paying me back, they stated another department is in charge of that but THEY CANNOT BE CONTACTED BY PHONE ONLY EMAIL!! This is ridiculous, we already get paid less than minimum wage and they are not even paying us for the service I provided! I can't even speak to them, only via email!!!!

Points positifs

You will have flexible hours to drive your car around for fun, ... and not get paid until your next $4 ride in an hour!

Points négatifs

Less ride request, was not paid for TOLL fee that the customer requested and app directed me to take the toll!
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Great side hussle with flexible hours

Great company to work for, flexible work hours, good support staff, great bonuses and lots more flexibility that allows you to have a good work/life balance. The only downside is the company commission is a little high (30%) and the per km rate is a little low (0.80c/km). Since one is an independent contractor there's also really not much room for growth. But this is a great side hussle good for side income. Not recommended as a full-time job since the weekly income isn't consistent and varies depending on the season and time of the year with times being extremely slow and at times being very busy.

Points positifs

Great bonuses

Points négatifs

Inconsistent earnings
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cheap job

am working for lyft alao complete 150 rides in a week and work near about 75 hour in a week and earn 1500 but after expanses just earn 900.. just bcoz they give too low fare than uber.. and also pickup is too long.. according to ke its a time wasting job.. bcoz they dont care about driver they just care about their profit and cutomers

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Points négatifs

hate this
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Minimum Wage job, plus expenses

this is basically a slave wage leverage system set up by the company to yield profit only for the company. expect 12-15$ an hour, not including expenses such as your gas and wear and tear on the vehicle. Expect 50k-75k km a year on your vehicle as well. TLDR: good if you are close to being homeless and have an old car

Points positifs

your own time, no boss

Points négatifs

everything imaginable
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Great workplace with great people

A typical day at Lyft Visual is where I would come in on time, be taught and then instructed to perform tasks (packaging, using the tape machine, cleaning) and meeting quotas (10 boxes of pamphlets, vinyl rolls must be packed by the end of the day). This was a temporary job where I would be called in on and off throughout a 4 month period. The most enjoyable part of the job would be the friendliness of the co-workers and supervisor. The hardest part of the job would be remembering how to operate the tape machine after packaging for most of the time but I still managed to remember and was able to perform my task effectively.

Points positifs

Friendly staff and fun tasks

Points négatifs

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