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Great place to work!!

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Could not be happier. Love the people I work with and the culture. Lux cares about its people and clients and you see it in everything they do. Highly recommended
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Experience satisfaction and growth at Lux Windows and Glass

I am beyond impressed with my experience at Lux Windows and Glass. The job satisfaction I have found at this company is unparalleled. The culture is one of inclusivity and collaboration, and my colleagues have become like a second family to me. The work is challenging and stimulating, and I feel valued and supported in my professional development. The company's commitment to making the company a great one and a positive impact in the community is also something that I am proud to be a part of. I cannot recommend working at Lux enough, it truly is a dream job!

Points positifs

1) Family Culture, 2) Commitment to employee training and growth, 3) Work life balance, 4) Care about customers, 5) Care about community

Points négatifs

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Great Leadership and Fantastic Culture!

Lux is all around a great place to work! When it comes to leadership, they have some of the best people in the game to show you the ropes. I felt comfortable in my position the DAY that I started it. Also, The company culture is unlike anything I have ever seen before. The whole team feels like one big family. I have no bad things to say about Lux windows.

Points positifs

Company Culture, Leadership
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Excellent employees, terrible management.

Employees make the job worth it. Amazing energy! Unfortunately the management leaves something to be desired. New employees come and go every couple weeks, no formal training. Wages are relatively competitive and hours are standard.

Points positifs

Excellent work culture

Points négatifs

Under-staffed overworked
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Great Culture!

I am so happy that I made the decision to join Lux Windows. I love the environment, the management and the family. I feel like my ideas are heard and I'm valued. Everyone works really hard. We lack ideal processes in some areas but management is working with team members to resolve issues. A typical day at work can be stressful at times but the people are amazing and everyone is happy to lend a helping hand.
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Small warehouse= No room for Forklift

The Edmonton location is a rough place to work at, their warehouse is extremely small for the amount of storage they have. This causes room for injury and unsafe work practices. This includes moving extremely heavy windows across the entire warehouse BY HAND. Windows are probably the most heavy thing in the shipping and receiving industry next to flooring/ceramic tiling. This alone caused me to have bruised arms and a twisted back not even my first week in the job. The site has a forklift but because of the warehouse being essentially filled up with no room because of how small of a warehouse it is this leaves no room for the forklift to enter the warehouse. You are left hand bombing windows and the forklift essentially sits there parked looking pretty.

Points positifs

Close to restaurants for lunch break, manager at Edmonton location is very nice guy
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Best work place

This place has exemplary leadership! From president down to the employees. Beat workplace I’ve ever worked for and I’ve been to many. If I didn’t move from Alberta, I would have never left Lux!

Points positifs

The environment and people.

Points négatifs

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Love my job, but be prepared to work hard if you want more

I have worked for Lux Windows for 10 years now and I started near the bottom, but when I enquired about moving up, they set their standards and requirements for what I wanted everytime. I'm now a solid employee with awesome job security and have moved up the ranks and have learned so much about our product. Everyone there in management is basically family, and everyone else is treated like family. Ownership is extremely friendly and always greets you with a smile, whether you're a worker in the factory in the back, or working in the office. There is high stress to what we do because we have an excellent product and our customers come to us for high standards, and our major basis of our company is customers first. So keep that in mind when applying. The bar is set high for every employee. We however do not have much of a slow season in the 10 years I've been working there. A couple days off for field guys in extreme cold. But thats few and far between. I love this company and working for it. I've been able to say that directly to our GM and president, and owners because they are so available to talk to. Good luck!

Points positifs

Great job security if you work hard.

Points négatifs

More is expected of you than most any companies given your salary, but the trade off is job security.
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Family Business

Best place I have ever worked in my life. So grateful. It's easy to work for a company when you believe in the product you are selling and know that all of your coworkers are providing the highest level of service because they all feel the same way.

Points positifs

Great culture and energy
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Family values

Lux is family owned and operated and has an open culture and fun environment. They strive for customer service excellence and are great with work/life balance.
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Poor Management skills

Lux company will a great place to work when the Managemen team which is mostly the family members of the owners get some management skills training. Lux basically do not have any manager or leader. Managers just got the position either due to the connection with the owner or the seniority, which causes the lack of having the great leaders.Good intention for their employees but very poor in management.
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Very good price and great customer service

Very good tim and good way to buy windows from local and experience company. They have more installer than any other Reno company in Calgary and also in Alberta.
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Service Tech

Lux Windows is the first company that I have worked for that sincerely cares for their staff. The culture is amazing, love my coworkers. The management is involved in the day to day activities and is open to feedback and suggestions from all of us. If you are looking for a great place to work with great people, this is the place for you!!

Points positifs

Benefits & Training
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Dangerous and incompetent

This work place is dangerous and incompetent. They brake labour laws, promote rivalries between departments, and don't care about big safety problems. In all not a good place to work if you don't want to get hurt.

Points positifs

Some of the co-workers are great to work with.

Points négatifs

Pore management
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Administrative Assistant - Reception relief

Family owned and run business with many experts in their field. I enjoyed the daily challenges and developed an appreciation of testing processes for a new ERP system being put in place..

Points positifs

100% Benefits paid
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Front Reception and Administration

Awesome place to work Family owned and ran company Learnt all office procedures at this position.

Points positifs

Great work environment
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