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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Lowe's?

29 réponses

Higher Pay. Case closed.

Stop asking for availability, if you don't actually follow it. Poor scheduling.
All employees should be treated with respect.

Everyone should have every second weekend off

Open & close at a decent hour.

Better hands on training.

Treat your employees equally and not bully them.

Listen to people with more knowledge about products.

Focus on employ pressure.

Management will protect the employees they want to have work with them. in many cases my observation after many years in retail, is that these people were just not service oriented at all, and I could not figure out how they were allowed to stay. now I get it, the manger of the Department protects them so neither will ever get called out. The US parent company should really clean house. They may show up to work but they are not doing their jobs!

Yes the doors should be locked after 9

Lock all the doors to the building, like they do to the night crew. It works it feels like a prison

They need to listen to their employee’s needs and wants. I think everyone should work every second weekend, better training, managers need to help the employees more on the floor. Often they are short staffed. The management are not knowledgable enough of the staff positions, they can barely operate the cash register. My last day was yesterday and not one manager said one word to me. They don’t seem to care. We are all replaceable. I was one of the original employees since store opening. Did not feel appreciated at all. On the other hand, the staff I worked with are wonderful. Management not so much.

They need to look at scheduling. Staff should not have to work 14 of 16 days coming off of their only weekend off just so they can have a weekend off. There has to be a better way. Your full time staff do not care that they get basically every day of the week off during the month. All we want “ Is two days off in a row every week” do not care which days those are.

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