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Si vous deviez quitter Lowe's, quelle en serait la raison?

22 réponses

Management!!! Lethbridge location was full of gutless, yes man type twerps. Lazy and always putting petty work to their subordinates. I hope they get shutdown soon.

Management can either make or break employee morale. Intimidating staff is hardly the way to handle things. Big problem in Kingston.

A company is only as good as the management. With the lack of common sense and experience it's hard to believe how the Canada operation functions. I would not recommend this company.

Full time consistent hours, better pay. Work and life balance. Managers are a joke, lies and more lies.

More Money, Job Security, Fake people

At the Barrie location a lot of people want to leave because of the management. The store manager in particular. I hear of people commuting to Lowe's in other cities/towns just to avoid him

The place is a joke,management is a joke,hours are a joke , pay is a joke and they keep a good 80% of the people they hire peck so they don’t have to give them more than 0-18 hours a week

Management does a fantastic job of telling you what you want to hear and making you think they mean it. Will promise you more hours for weeks on end and you'll still get about 15-25 hours a month. I do commend upper management for finding such talented actors to portray managerial staff, great show.

I was let go for no reason. Without cause because I signed an agreement employment letter. I spent over 50K in store to rebuild my house and I was let go . Senior Manager is gutless and only cares about himself. Karma that's all I have to say.

Reason I did leave Lowe's was the stress and I felt that there was no back-up support from management in dealing with various situations.

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