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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Lowe's?

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Most associates ignore you &/or do not have an answer. At most times, it’s a guess. Hiring people with diverse experiences, knowledge, expertise can help. They really need to go out and find the right people rather than hope the right people come to them.

I'll group up the work and equally divide it according to people and their liability

Stop hiring jealous people

Hire more people

I would like to improve more customer service and reduce wait time for customer at cashier desk.

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Absolutely. Basic decency and ethics are all that is missing.

Sometimes I was never given my break on time, so if I were in charge, I would ensure that employees get their breaks on time as they are only human and deserve to get their breaks. I wouldn't over-work the employees so much because there's a limit to what a person can take.

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